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Best Cheap Men’s Watches Under 50 Pounds Review 2021

Ever thought what gadget could you buy in watches under 50 pounds? Or even less? Swipe through the article and get to know the watches under 50 ponds available to satisfy your needs.

Touch Screen, Fitness Tracker , Heart Rate Monitor Smartwatch

The watches under 50 pounds start with a willful smartwatch which features a touchscreen to get smartphone texture and fitness tracker. This timepiece connects all day with your phone and never lets you g et late in pick calls, getting texts. This smartphone vibrates automatically when you get a text, calls, and other notifications.

These activity trackers get your full day details health data like steps, calories burned, distance, and heart rate monitoring. This Built-in GPS watch tracks your running, hiking, and other activities, which you can further use to get back using the same route.

Key Features:

● Get real-time heartbeat tracking gives high precision, low power consumption to discover
new health trends.
● Get better sleep details like how much time you spend in sleep, how much time you
should sleep to get and use these scores to get better.
● Get real-time tracking like Running, Treadmill, and 9 exercise mode to get better health
● Get smartphones notifications and also social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, and LinkedIn.

  • Lift your wrist to light up the screen
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Swim proof tracking
  • Stopwatch features
  • No stress recording
Watches Under 50 Pounds

Pop glory Smart Watch, Fitness Tracker with Blood Oxygen, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate Monitor

In this list for Watches under 50 pounds is this smartwatch that gives you a custom wallpaper setting. Make your workout activities and daily life more enjoyable with a built-in music controller that lets you pause, play and switch between music. You can control your camera, your phone camera with this smartwatch and click your favorite pictures.

Key Features:

● Advanced blood pressure and blood oxygen tracking helps you make get better.
● Pop glory smartwatch has 8 sports modes like Walking, Running, Cycling, Skipping,
Badminton, Basketball and Football.
● Get through the regularity of sleep/sleep duration/deep, light and wake up hours.
● It will display calls, social notifications and texts that are forwarded to your smartphone.

  • 5 brightness levels
  • Camera Remote Control
  • Active minutes data
  • Calories calculator
  • Lacks long battery
Watches Under 50 Pounds

Benyar Men’s Watch Chronograph Quartz Watch

If you’re looking for a simple functional watch in our list of watches under 50 pounds then benyar watch is right to go. This simple and attractive men watch comes in a chronograph design that uses quartz movement to let you know the time. This black color round and analog timepiece comes in 45mm case size suitable for most of the wrists.

Key Features:

Three sub-dials for second, minute and hour.
Hardlex Dial window material makes it durable.
Appropriate for rain, water splashes, hand washing but not for swimming.

  • Stylish and luxury design
  • Shock and scratch-resistant
  • Not small wrist watch
watches under 50 ponds

Lacoste Unisex-Kids Analogue Classic Quartz Watch

If you’re looking to buy a gift but that must be stylish then you should buy this gadget in our list of watches under 50 pounds. This all blue color designed watch comes in a 32 millimetre case that makes it Best Wath for kids

Key Features:

Analog display with numeric 12 hour numbers.
Blue strap watch with 5 bar water resistance.
Features a lacoste logo at 3 o’clock.

  • Simple and stylish
  • Best gift for kids
  • No date display
Watches Under 50 Pound

Timex Women’s Leather Strap watch

When we’re talking about watches under 50 pounds then we should also keep women in our mind because our women always try to look pretty attractive. This 25 millimetres gadget comes in a gold case and black straps.

Key Features:

  • Featured with night-light to make time more visible.
  • Analog display with 3 hands for seconds, minutes and hours.
  • Water resistant up to 30m.
  • 2-year warranty
  • Scratch resistance
  • No date display
Timex Women's Leather Strap watch

Casio Protrek Fishing Gear Watch

The last to go in our list of watches under 50 ponds features men sport style watches that come with built-in fishing mode. This Casio Protrek has a fishing timer that tells you when they are biting.
This watch under 50 pounds tells you when it’s the ideal time to do fishing.
This watch uses a resin band and case. Synthetic resin is the ideal material for wrist straps and as usual casio delivers extremely durable and flexible properties watches.

Key Features:

● Automatic calendar with Date, Day and Month Once set.
● Stopwatch function – 1/100 sec.
● This model has 3 independent alarms which you use for different appointments.

  • Perfect for swimming and snorkeling
  • Long lasting battery
  • 12/24-hour timekeeping
  • Missing solar-powered
Casio Fishing Gear Watch

Cheap Watches Under 50 Pound Buyers Guide

There are a few questions which we’re going to answer so you can get a better grip of these watches under 50 pounds. We hope you have already chosen a watch from the list mentioned above.


The smartwatches in our list feature automatic movements that harness energy through the natural motion of the wearer’s wrist. Few watches under 50 pounds use quartz movement uses batteries as their primary power source power. In quartz watch movements, a battery sends an electrical current through a small quartz crystal, electrifying the crystal to create vibrations.


We have chosen these gadgets of different case sizes from small to bored wrists. So your search about watches under 50 pounds don’t go empty handed.


We know that during this corona phase your financial conditions are disturbed. We decide to choose these watches so your money gets valued. These watches are the best of the best which you can get under low budget.

Are Watches Under 50 pound Water-Resistant?

These all watches are waterproof that can withstand rain, water splashes and hand washing. But smartwatches and Casio watches are highly water resistant watches which you can use for swimming. Willful and Pop glory watches are also fitness trackers which makes your swimming
session more enhanced.

Are The Batteries Replaceable?

The watches mentioned above are mostly battery replaceable because they use quartz movement because those watches generate power through batteries.


If you want our verdict about watches under 50 pounds, we’ll recommend you to buy smartwatches from our list. These smartwatches will make your life more innovative and get yourself more healthy through the heart rate, calories burned, blood pressure and other fitness activists mode. Also control your smartphone from your wrists

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