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Three new promo videos from G-Shock U.S

Three new promo videos from G-Shock U.S., so if you’re looking for a Transparent pack with transparent bezels and bands, then now is your chance! This series was originally released in February 2021 but they are still available at various retailers according to the company’s Japan website which means these models won’t be made again after all inventories have been depleted or sold out because production has stopped on them altogether leaving us without any choice but buying up what little stock there may still exist before it runs out entirely

The G-Shock DW-5600SKE is a mid-size digital watch with approximately 2 years of battery life. This durable timepiece features the latest in technology, including Japanese quartz movements and scratch resistant lenses to protect its screen from damage!

The G-Shock GA700SKE is an analog/digital watch with a 5 year battery life. With the large face and approx. five year lifespan, this would make it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts like you!

G-Shock GA2100SKE-7: The perfect watch for any adventure. It has an alarm, stopwatch and backlight so you can always see the time in low light conditions! With approx 3 year battery life this is one great looking digital with tons of features ideal to take on your next big trip or just use every day.

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