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Pro trek PRW-61, New Eco-Friendly Biomass Plastic Watch

Pro trek  PRW-61 , New Eco-Friendly Biomass Plastic

The new PRO TREK PRW-61 models are available to let you enjoy, appreciate, and protect nature in a more sustainable way. The watch’s case band and back are constructed of bioplastic, which is good for the environment! Biomass plastics are a novel type of material made from renewable materials. PRO TREK’s products are created using castor and maize-derived components, which helps to reduce environmental impact while pushing our economy to progress toward circularity!

Casio is using Eco-Friendly Biomass Plastics for the first time in a watch. This unique application, a world-first for the brand, is made of ecologically friendly materials and delivers unmatched endurance. The case is composed of an organic plastic that can withstand repeated use, making it ideal for everyday use!

Pro-trek Pro trek PRW-61  Back Case :

The case back is constructed of biodegradable, high-strength plastic. It offers a larger flat surface for improved torsional resistance and superior wear characteristics, as well as an airtight seal to keep your watch in top shape.

Pro-trek PRW-61 Dial:

The dial of the Pro-trek PRW-61 has been intended to be as basic and plain as possible in order to endure the demands of outdoor use. The broad index bar is white, and the hour hands are colored brightly for easy viewing in low light or at night! Furthermore, this watch has resin bands that lend an attractive touch, as well as inscriptions on the side that reflect city codes particular to gear worn outside the body, ensuring you never miss a beat no matter where your trip takes you.

Pro-trek PRW-61 Colors:

Protrek PRW-61Y-3

Protrek PRW-61Y-1B

Proktrk PRW-61-1A

Protek PRW-61-3

Pro trek Pro trek PRW-61 -3

Protek PRW-61- 1A

Protek PRW-61-1B

Protek PRW-61- 1B

Pro trek PRW-61-1B


The Protrek PRW-61 offers a wide range of features. This gadget can endure practically any outdoor challenge you throw at it, with 10-bar water resistance and a low-temperature tolerance of -10 degrees Celsius. Plus, solar power or radio-controlled navigation devices that automatically sync between bands make finding your route a breeze (or even just traveling around town). And if that wasn’t enough, they also include automated hand correction capabilities and a world time calendar.

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