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Kanoa Igarashi x G-Shock GBX-100KI-1 second collaboration Olympic medal-winning pro surfer

G-Shock GBX-100KI-1DR

The G-Shock GBX-100KI-1DR and pro surfer Kanoa Igarashi have released a second signature collaboration watch, the GBX100K1. This limited edition is inspired by his time as an Olympic medal winner with Team USA in Rio de Janeiro this past summer where he won silver!

The California-born athlete’s new “Signature” series was announced on September 10th at Basel world 2017; it features two models including their popular GLX-5600KI-7 model . Now fans can look forward to getting one themselves when they go into stores across North America starting October 5th – perfect timing for those planning ahead before buying tickets during US surfing season beginning November 1st.

The limited edition G-Shock GBX-100KI-1DR is an advanced G-SLIDE model with MIP LCD display, tide functions and approximately 3,300 locations. It also has moon data to track changes over time as well as sunrise/sunset times before you get out into the water or when it’s dark outside which can be handy for those who love exploring at night! The Bluetooth enabled smartphone link allows users on land access their favorite multimedia while they’re out surfing making this even more immersive than ever before – though we recommend wearing contact lenses, if possible, because of how bright everything will appear underwater.

G-Shock GBX-100KI-1 Specifications

The watch is made of high-quality materials and has an excellent design. It features a resin band that makes it stylish as well as durable, stainless steel bezel for added durability in case you drop your phone or scratch the surface on something sharp (or both), mineral glass which will keep its clearness even after years have passed by because new technology can’t break down old things so easily like other kinds hand-made glasses do; 200 meters water resistance to protect against accidental spills at work/play activities such resisting sweating through all types swimsuits) This product also comes equipped with auto light switch function where pressing once turns off screen illumination.

G-Shock GBX-100KI-1
G-Shock GBX-100KI-1
G-Shock GBX-100KI-1
G-Shock GBX-100KI-1

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