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How to tell if a Rolex real

In this era, the Rolex watch is known as a status symbol as it stands in the top 100 brands which are known for its quality in the world, but there are also fake Rolex or copy of it are available in the market if you want to know whether the Rolex is authentic or not then you should have to consider few things before buying it as you cant catch the fake Rolex just by looking at watch there are techniques which will help you to identify either the Rolex is real or fake.

You can check the authenticity of a Rolex by its serial number. All Rolex watches contain a specific serial number which is present between the lugs at six o clock. If the Rolex watch does not have a deeply and smoothly engraved serial number, it is a fake because the Rolex watch has a very smooth and deeply engraved serial number. You can also check the Rolex by its crown logo as the real Rolex have a slightly raised and perfectly centered crown logo. Finally, you can also determine the Rolex by its case back as real Rolex has a metal case back. If the case back is made up of glass or anything other than metal, then it’s a fake one.

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