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Fake G-shock | Spot It With Some Simple Steps

how to spot fake g-shock

Right now most of the sellers are selling Fake G-shock Watches online and offline. if you’re going to buy G-Shock GA-100 or someone else model. You have to keep five things in your mind.

  • G-Shock Box
  • Model Number
  • Module Number
  • Warranty Card
  • Authorized Distributors

G-Shock Box

G Shock Box

G-shock Watch comes with G-shock Box, Model number, module number, and warranty Card. In Above image model Number is DW-6900PL.4CR and the Module number is 3230.
Missing Model and Module numbers on the box indicates that it is Fake G-shock.

Model Number

Check Backside of watch

Model and Module on the box match on the backside of the timepiece watch indicates it’s original.

Module Number

G-Shock Module Book

You can see all details about how to set time, alarm, world time, stopwatch, etc. The Module number on the box and Module book number must match if both are not matching it is Fake G-shock.

Check Warranty Card To Spot Fake G-shock

G-Shock Warranty Card

G-shock watch comes with an international warranty card. if you have any problems with your G-SHOCK, find out the nearest service center from this list. All G-SHOCK watches come with a 2 Year Warranty.

All Authorized Distributors

Please click here and see all the authorized distributor G-shock watches.

Casio G-Shock Accessories

if you are willing to buy gshock accessories click on the below images

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