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How to set time in a Rolex

Rolex have almost around 200 parts, and lots of specification and a normal person will not be able to understand all these functions especially if you are a new Rolex user, but it is necessary to know how to set time in a Rolex to avoid any problem and circumstance in future  If you want to set the time in a Rolex due to some situation, then it will require some tricks and techniques, which are discussed below.

First step: Unscrew the crown

The first step which you have to do to set the time in Rolex is to unscrew the crown, which you easily do by turning the crown counterclockwise and while doing this, kindly make sure it is free from screw thread.

Second step: Pull the crown

he next step is to pull out the crown all the way out to the third position to change the time

Third Step: Set the time and place the crown back:

The last and final step is to set the time by moving the crown counterclockwise until you get your desired time, and if you want to set the day and date, then push the crown in the second position and turn the crown clockwise. After doing this, your watch will be set and ready to use, then place the crown in its previous place.

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