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How to identify the Rolex model

You can identify the Rolex model by its serial number, which is present between the lugs at six o clock. It contains a 4-8 digit serial number behind the platinum, gold, or stainless steel bracelet. The number would be visible on the case, but you have to remove the bracelet for it if you want to sell your Rolex, so it will be helpful to find its production date to determine the market price of your watch.

There are many fake copies of Rolex available in the market, so the serial number will also help you see the differences between genuine Rolex and fake ones.

The real Rolex serial number found between the lugs at 6 o’clock, and the model number is present above 12 o clock. The model number will help you to determine the Rolex watch is made from which material and bezel and also help you to understand the model type and the last and most crucial thing are on the actual Rolex serial number and model number are perfectly engraved which a fake Rolex watchmaker can not copy.

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