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How to clean a Rolex watch

If you are a fan of luxury things, then Rolex is one of them which needs a lot of care and attention, just like your favorite car and a sports bike. These luxury products can used till generation to generation but they need specific care to maintain their quality when you wear your watch on a daily basis so the dirt particles can stick to your watch, which can decrease the beauty of the watch and it can also cause the functionality of the watch to work slowly. It is recommended to clean your Rolex after a week or 15 days, and after every ten years, it requires deep cleaning by a professional watchmaker

Mostly rolex watches are water resistant, so that you can use luke warm water and soap. So just make sure your watch is water-resistant, and you can easily clean it with the help of a tiny brush and then rinse it with normal water as after doing the scrubbing with a brush, it is necessary to rinse it with normal water and then the final step is to dry it with the help of microfibre cloth.

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