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How To Change a Seiko Watch Battery?

The Seiko watch is a long-standing brand that’s survived all kinds of situations. Although their watches are tough, they still need to be serviced from time to time because life can get pretty complicated sometimes and you might not always remember where your favorite serviceman lives or if he even exists anymore! Now we’re going teach you how to  change  a Seiko watch battery in case anything happens when there isn’t someone nearby .

Quick Guide to Replacing a Seiko Watch Battery.

Seiko watches have a variety of different models and types for their diverse collection. If you are unsure about what kind or model is right for your project, do not hesitate to ask us at any time!

Find the below step and follow same as its to change a Seiko watch Battery.

  • First of all, put the blanket on the floor or table and then start working on the battery replacement
  • Put the dial of your watch down and then inspect the back case of watch.
  • Open the back case of your watch by using some tool on the area of watch insulator.
  •  Keep the tool in a side-to-side motion to loosen the back case of your watch.
  • You have to be very careful pullout the battery other I will damage the movement of watch
  • Take the casing ring and change the replacement battery.
  • With the casing ring out, slip in the battery’s edge under the installer.
  • Align the arrow that is marked on your battery to the crown of your watch.
  • Remove your battery’s installer and replace it with the casing ring.
  •  Check if the date on your calendar was retained.
  •  Pull the crown and push it back in after hearing the first click.


Seiko watches are known for their long lasting qualities, which means that the changes you will ever need to do is a battery replacement and an occasional strap change. Now that we know how replace Seiko watch batteries ourselves without specialists they’re even easier care of our personal timepieces when away from professionals or if necessary shopkeepers who can provide flat-tire repair services!

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