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Casio is a Japanese electronics manufacturing Company headquartered in japan. It was founded in 1946. Its products include  Calculators, Mobile Phone, Digital Camera, electronic  and Musical Instrument, and analog and digital watches


G-Shock is a watch brand manufactured by Casio. G-Shock is an abbreviation for Gravitational Shock. G-shock Watches are shock resistance, Vibration Resistance along with analog and digital specially designed for sports and outdoor activities.


Baby-G introduced in 1994 as women’s watch the same concept as G-shock. The first Baby-G watch model is DW-520.


The edifice is a watch brand manufactured by  Japanese electronic company Casio. The edifice watch is specially designed for men. The watches have multiple functions, ranging from multiple dials to world time and multiple alarms.


Protrek is a watch brand manufactured by  Japanese electronics company Casio. Protrek watch is specially designed for men’s outdoor and sports watches. The watch inspires adventurous and sports minds. Protrek is everyone who loves outdoor activities, climbing, hiking, swimming, cycling.


Sheen introduced as women’s watch.

Carbon Core Guard

Casio G-Shock Introduce a new Technology Carbon Core Guard Structure G-Shock GA-2000 .which is more shock resistance then other G-shock watches. Mostly other G-shock watches are Resin Band. But Carbon Core Guard Structure is more lightweight than other G-shock

G-Shock Frogman

G-Shock Frogman is the best Model of Casio G-shock. This is the first model o Master of G-Series. G-shock Frogman is specially designed for scuba divers and is the only compliant G-Shock line with a 200 m Divers rating.

G-Shock Mud-Master

G-Shock Mudmaster is the Master of G-series. Mudmaster series lineup are tough solar, twin sensor, triple sensor, Quartz Sensor. Mud master series is specially designed for those whose work takes them into areas scattered with rubble, dirt, and debris.

G-Shock G-Steel

G-Shock G-Steel Men’s Analog and digital watch are refined and combine high-quality material with the G-shock Standard of Toughness.


EL backlight is very thin, lightweight and provides light. They are available in a variety of colors, with white being the most popular for use with LCDs.

G-Shock G-Squad

 G-Shock G-Squad is the fitness line of G-Shock watches featuring a Step Tracker and Bluetooth connectivity.

Step Tracker

A feature in some G-Shock and Baby-G watches that records steps taken.

G-Shock S-Series

A smaller G-Shock line of watches that are about 30% smaller than their full-size G-shock Watch

Twin Sensor

 Environmental sensors including compass and thermometer.

Triple Sensor:

Triple sensors including a pressure sensor (altimeter-barometer), compass, and thermometer. It may also include a water depth sensor as well.

G-shock Tough Solar

G-shock Tough solar watch technology that uses solar panels on the display and a rechargeable battery. Capable of charging from the sun and also from Artificial lighting. Features a large capacity rechargeable battery and a power save function.

Quad Sensor

Quad sensors including a pressure sensor ( altimeter-barometer), compass, and thermometer. It may also include a water depth sensor, Step Tracker.