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G-Shock Latest Addition Smart watches GBD-H1000-1A4JR & GBD-H1000-7A9JR

Casio G-Shock Smart Watch

G-Shock has added another exciting two colorful additions to their trendy smart watch line up G-SHOCK of Smart watch GBD-H1000. As we all know that 4 color variations have already been released by Casio. The new models depict exciting combination of athletics and translucent material. The sporty look of GBD-H1000-1A4JR is looks very interesting and is getting popular among fitness freaks. The GBD-H1000-1A4JR has dark and smoky translucent bezel bumpers combined with orange accent and a black band. The GBD-H1000-7A9JR has clear translucent bezel bumpers combined with lime green accents and gives the impression of a skeleton structure due to transparency effect. Both latest G-shock models comprised of silver stainless steel bezel with white bands and sheer toughness of G-shock.

The Evolution Of G-Shock Smart watch

Though I have already explained the features and built of GBD-H1000 smart watches in my previous post. I will still discuss about the main features of this latest G-shock model briefly. As a direct predecessor of GBD-H100 this watch has inherited the basic structure and traits and combined it with the latest technology and features to bring ultimate masterpiece for the G-shock fans. It has surpassed the expectations of customers in built, design and delivers exceptional performance in different circumstances.


Despite being the G-shocks first Five Sensor watch that delivers a dedicated heart rate monitor it has also stepped up the performance on the battery and charging mechanism. Generally, people are more concerned about the charging and usage of such smart watches and activity trackers. It offers two modes of charging either via USB-based cable or through solar charging. If your usage is moderate and you don’t spend more time on power intensive features such as GPS tracking, you will not to charge your smart watch over USB-cable and for longer period. But depending upon your usage if you are consuming a lot of battery power through GPS tracking feature you will need to charge your battery regularly over USB-cable as well.

Take advantage of G-Shock Move App & Smart watch Features

G-shock GBD-H1000 is the first watch where customers can experience the benefits of new G-Shock Move app. You can conveniently adjust various settings on the watch. Moreover, it allows more control for user to keep track of their fitness goals, workouts by simply adjusting controls from their app.


Despite being a smart watch with trademark toughness G-Shock Smart Watch is still a wearable timepiece with the dimensions of 55mm-wide, 63mm from lug-to-lug, and 20.4mm-thick and weighs just around 101 grams. Moreover, G-shock has not disappointed its fans who seek color variation and styles in their watches. GBD-H1000 color variations are now available in six unique color combinations of bezel and resin band. Now, everyone can find their best color combination of G shock smart watch to fulfill their fashion, outdoor, sports, adventure, athletics and daily usage requirements.

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