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G-Shock Rangeman VS Mudman | GW-9400-1DR VS G-9300 -1DR

Rangeman VS MUdman

Rangeman VS Mudman

 Both G-Shock Rangeman VS Mudman iconic watches that still worth to buy both have amazing features and design but the question is which one is best for you the answer is how much the budget you have both will be brilliant choices because both have proven over the year to be reliable watches and also the best-selling models of master of G-Lines but many people are thinking what is a Master of G?

Master of G

The history of Master of G Line starts from 1985 with the introduction  of Mud-resistant DW-5500CC which was the nickname mud man.

All the master of G has its own  Unique Logo, that makes it more popular. Even the range man GW-9400 appears in the extraction( Netflix) which is used by Chris Hemsworth. Range man is the perfect choice for guards or rescue crews just like extraction movies.

 Mud man developed for off-road rally racing G-9300 also armed with tough solar feathers. If we compare both according to the weight G-9300 is more compact and lighter. Although they have different feathers both have the same thickness. G-9300 is more affordable then G-9400 but don’t hesitate to choose gw-9400 if you need all of its feathers. Especially if you are a big guy who needs a big toy. Both of these models still outperformed many of the newer and more sophisticated G-shock. If you are new to G-shock we highly recommended these two g-shock especially if you need the tough watch for extreme activates.

The stainless steel button on the  GW-9400 brings a more luxurious and elegant look but G-9300 has a bigger button overall bring a more luxurious and elegant look and the GW-9400 keeper is made of steel and While G-9300 is resin.

Casio G-Shock GW-9400

Releasing date of Rangeman VS Mud-man

G-shock Rangeman was released 2013 and G-shock Mudman 2011

Price of Rangeman Vs Mudman

If we compare the price of Rangeman is $228 and Mudman is $220

How to set Time of Rangeman VS Mudman

Set time for Mudman click here and Rangeman click here

Specification of Rangeman VS Mudman

Rangeman Mudman
Year of Production 2013 2011
Weight 93g 68.5g
Size of Case 55.2×53.5×18.2mm 53×50.8×18.2mm
Key Feathers Case / bezel material: Resin
Resin Band
Mineral Glass
Shock Resistant
200-meter water resistance
Triple Sensor
Tough Solar
Multi Band
Sun Set
Sun Rise
Case / bezel material: Resin
Resin Band
Mineral Glass
Shock Resistant
200-meter water resistance
Double Sensor
Tough Solar
Mud Resistant

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