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Casio G-Shock New Models November 2020

In this article we will  briefly go through all the watches that has been announced  by G-Shock new Models for November 2020

Casio G-SHOCK AW-500BB Series

The very first model is the revival model which was first  launched in 1989 and model is Casio G-Shock AW-500.In this series three colors Variants AW-500BB-1,AW-500BB-4E,AW-500E-1 and this is basic watch and feathers are Dual Time, EL Backlight,200 Meter resistance, Shock Resistance and the price of AW-500BB Will be $125.

G-Shock New Models

Casio G-SHOCK AWM-500 Stainless Steel Series

  1. The Second G-Shock New Model Series is  AWM-500 and this is the metal series. In this series three colors  Variants.

AWM-500D-1A(Silver) AWM-500D-1A8(Silver),& AWM-500GD-9( Gold). The best thing of this Sku is bazel and strap  are stainless steel. If we check the price and prices will vary on the colors. Price of AW-500gd-9 will be $650 its pretty expensive due to it has a lot of feathers like Tough Solar, Multiband 6,Impact resistance  structure etc.

G-Shock New Models

Casio G-Shock DW-5600ET Earth Color Toned Series

The third  G-Shock new Model series which is just launched called earth colors toned series and these model are similar to DW-5600 Series. In this series they launched two colors DW-5600ET-3( Green), DW-5600ET-4(Maroon) and the  feather are  Resin Band , Shock resistance  stop watch ,Multi Alarm Etc. and the  price of DW-5600ET will be $100.

G-Shock New Models

Casio G-Shock DW-5600WM-5,GA-2000WM-1 & GA-700WM-5A Earth Color Series.

The next series is the coolest color combination of earth color series. In this series gshock released three models DW-5600WM-5,GA-2000WM-1 & GA-700WM-5A.if you realize the color of bazel and strap of this series is pretty much look like a rock and the feathers of these models have 200 meter water resistance,auto light , dual time,daily alarm,Full auto-calendar till the year 2099 and the price of DW-5600WM-5 is $115,GA-2000WM-1 is 160$ and GA-700WM-5A is $150.

gshock new models
gshock new models

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