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G-Shock Honda Jet GWR-B1000HJ Review 2020|Limited Edition

G-Shock Honda Jet GWR-B1000HJ

G shock has once again shocked its fans with a new exciting Honda jet collaboration watch. G-Shock Honda Jet GWR-B1000HJ is a brand new addition in the line of Gravity master watches. The exquisite design and material of gravity master GWR-B1000HJ make it one of the supreme quality G shock gravity master watches.

This watch is developed under the direct involvement and supervision of Honda Jet President and CEO, Michimasa Fujino. He is regarded as the living legends of the Aviation Industry and has designed the first Over-The-Wing Engine Mount configuration. He developed the world’s best-selling light business Honda Jet aircraft. The watch resembles the design and color of Honda Jet Elite Airplane quite evident from its special features.
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Honda Jet GWR-B1000HJ-1AJR Watch Structure & Build Quality

This Gravity master collaboration watch offers extreme durability and toughness with the introduction of Carbon monocoque case. The watch delivers extensive shock absorbance ability while just weighing 72 grams. This watch is consider to be the lightest watch in the gravity master lineup of Casio.

The watch is a fantastic combination of trademark g-shock features such as triple G resist to withstand every kind of force, shock and pressure. Moreover, the watch also offers ease of access and timekeeping options in the form of Smartphone link and smart access features to keep you updated with the current time zone and settings. You can also connect the G-Shock Honda Jet GWR-B1000HJ with your smartphone through the G-shock connected app.

Get more life and longevity with G-shock Tough solar feature.  Convert sunlight and even light from weak light sources such as fluorescent lamps into power through an efficient solar charging system.

G-Shock Honda Jet GWR-B1000HJ

Double Treat For Honda Jet & G Shock Fans

G shock has once again shocked its fans with a new exciting Honda G shock collaboration watch. The use of White and blue metallic colors in the dial and pointers resemble the colors of Honda jet Elite airplane. The pointer of the watch is a small white color airplane and the monogram of Honda Jet is engraved on the dial and crown. The shape of the crown button resembles the curve shape of Honda jet’s engine fan blade. Mirror finish has been added to ends of other buttons similar to the engine cowling of the plane.

The band of GWR-B1000HJ-1AJR signifies the best flight performance stats of Honda Jet. Maximum Cruising Speed (MCS), Maximum Operating Altitude (MOA), and cruising range (RANGE) appear on the upper band. The Honda Jet logo also appears on the lower band of the watch. The bezel of gravity master GWR-B1000HJ-1AJR is of carbon fiber. Sapphire crystal to deliver a high-quality product to G-shock and Honda jet fans. All external parts contains titanium that adds premium quality, durability and toughness to this exclusive gravity master model.

G-Shock GWR-B1000HJ Price & Release Date

The Honda Jet x G-Shock GWR-B1000HJ-1AJR Gravity master is now available in Japan with a list price of 115,000 JPY. The watch is now available in many other Asian and European countries as well. The availability of watch is very scarce due to the status of special limited edition.

Specifications of HondaJet x G-Shock GWR-B1000HJ-1A Gravity Master

The watch is must resistant and the bezel material is Carbon fiber. It offers Triple G resist (resistance against three kinds of forces such as Shock, Centrifugal force, and vibration. The technology of Carbon Core Guard structure provides more strength without increasing the weight. The watch is Water resistant 200-meter, Stopwatch, World time, Battery Level Indicator, World Time, dual time. You can link your mobile with G-Shock Honda Jet GWR-B1000HJ through Wireless linking using Bluetooth. Also get five months on rechargeable battery (operation period with normal use without exposure to light after charge).

How to set G-Shock GWR-B1000

The G-Shock Gravity Master GWR-B1000HJ is easy to set and adjust according to your requirements. You can follow the instructions provided in the manual Click here

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