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G-Shock GAE-2100GC-7ADR Releasing Date, Price , Feathers

The G-Shock GAE-2100GC-7ADR is expected to be released in November 2021, with a reported price of $200 USD. An image was recently leaked that shows off an all-white bezel design and matching band material including marbleized patterns across its surface. G-Shock GAE-2100GC-7ADR is similar to GA-2100 series. A screwless hook system has also been rumored for this model similar as what’s seen on DWE-5600 series models; Unlike other watches within their collection like G-Shock GA-2000 Series there are no screws visible; instead hooking parts meet each other magnetically when connected for easy adjustments so you don’t need any tools!

G-Shock GAE-2100GC-7ADR Specification:

The new G-Shock GAE-2100GC-7ADR that will give you the perfect blend of function and fashion. It features Resin Band, Carbon Core Guard structure with 200-meter water resistance for all day activities in any condition; Double LED light on either side to keep track time or provide extra illumination when needed (Super Illuminator – selectable 1-2 second timing mode as well as 3 second duration). The backlit display allows us easy readability while also providing an afterglow effect so we can easily see our stats at night! If there’s anything this sporty piece needs it might just be some style–which they have plenty to offer thanks to their selection from colors like black dials paired perfectly alongside White matching band.

Casio GShock GAE-2100GC-7ADR

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