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G Shock GA 2100SU & GA 2110SU Latest Editions

After the successful introduction of G-Shock GA-2100 series the three new models of G shock GA 2100SU, and G shock 2110 are rocking the Casio fans all over the world. The watch is analog-digital and offers the convenience of using both the types in one watch. The new, slim, and camouflage design of bezel in one model and 2 other colors are a pure delight to watch. The distinctive feature in these new models is the slimness, compactness and design of bezel. All these traits come along with the trusted durability and toughness of Casio g shock watches.

G shock GA-2100SU

Carbon Core Guard in G Shock GA 2100SU is one of the main reasons for the popularity of this series. The octagonal bezel and addition of utility colors has added a great appeal to this trendy Casio GA-2100SU. These watches are best for wearing and adopting a wide range of fashion. The camouflage print on the GA-2100SU gives an exquisite look and feel to this new watch.

Why Buy G Shock GA 2100SU

Carbon Core Guard Structure is the specialty of Casio GA2100 series. Some other main features include world time, stopwatch, timer, back-light, alarm clock, calendar, 200-meter water resistance and Shock-resistant to withstand impact and vibration. The watch gets extra protection from the carbon case, which offers great strength and durability for regular use.

The reliability has increased due to the combination of polyurethane layer with carbon reinforcement. Moreover, the watch is quite light-weight and despite the use of carbon. The resemblance of military’s camouflage print on GA 2100SU make it different from the rest of the crowd.

G shock GA-2100SU-1A Casio

Prices Of Casio GA-2100SU

  • GA-2100SU-1AJF – 14,000 JPY
  • GA-2110SU-3AJF – 14,500 JPY
  • GA-2110SU-9AJF – 14,500 JPY
G shock GA-2110SU-3A

Build & Material Of Exciting G shock Model

The use of carbon core in structure has added extra toughness and strength to this new model. The overall durability of GA2100 is already guaranteed due to the name of Casio and G-shock’s trademark protection against impact, vibration and rough use.

Wanna check out some new Exciting G shock models in utilitarian colors.

Casio G shock GA-2110SU

Specifications Of G Shock GA 2100SU

If we see key traits and feathers of GA-2100SU are as fellow:

All the sku’s are shock resistant have mineral glass , 200 meter water resistance and case is made of bezel material,double LED Light, World time,31 time zones,Countdown range ,5 Daily Ala-ram,Analog/ Digital and full auto calendar as well.

Battery Timing

Approximate battery life: 3 years on SR726W × 2

Weight Of G-Shock GA-2100SU

  • Total weight : 51g

G-Shock GA-2100SU on Amazon

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