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G-SHOCK G-SQUAD GBD-200SM Men’s Watch Bluetooth Digital Skeleton Orange & PURPLE

G-Shock GBD-100SM

Casio is going to release the new and first Skelton series G-SQUAD GBD-200SM. The skeleton bezel is bold and bright colors, which makes it perfect for any sport. Its design features vibrant orange or purple hues that are often found in sneakers and activewear because they help you stay focused during your workout. GBD-200SM-1A5 has a brown bezel and strap is grey and the inner case is orange. GBD-200SM-1A6 has a grey bezel and the strap is grey and the inner case is purple.

The G-SQUAD GBD-200SM series has an innovative remote device that can be used for training, such as running on a treadmill or even cycling outdoors. It has functions like an accelerometer so you know how fast your body moves when performing exercises at different speeds; distance measurement function so users are aware of their progress throughout workouts while being fitted by equipment manufacturers with these features before launching them into production in order to guarantee best performance metrics possible; smartphone linkage feature which allows trainers linked through this system remotely monitor each other’s performances easily via smart devices.

G-SQUAD GBD-200SM Specification:

Following are the characteristic of G-SQUAD GBD-200SM . The watch movement is quartz, 200-meter water resistance and has training function and training Log so you can calculate and display distance, speed, pace, etc. and has a user profile setting function, mobile phone link, vibration function, through G-Shock move app we can see training history, training data management, lifelog data management. G-SQUAD GBD-200SM use of mineral glass and resin band provides longevity in daily use. The watch glows in dark with super led light. Also, have a Shock resistance feature. You can choose from World time of 29 time zones, 48 cities + coordinated universal time according to your location. 5 daily Alarms, a Stopwatch, and 24 hours countdown timer.

Price and Availability:

The new GBD-200SM-1A5 and 1A6 are coming out in November 2021 with a tax-included price of 22000 yen for both models. These releases will be followed by the US release which has an estimated retail value (with taxes) of around 150 dollars each.

Battery of GBD-200SM

If the Bluetooth is connected all the time the battery of G-Shock GBD-200SM will last up-to a year, or else watch battery would last up-to 2 years.

  • All-day satisfaction
  • Genuine, informative notifications
  • Very durable
  • Basic fitness tracking
G-Shock GBD-200SM-1A5:
G-Shock GBD-200SM-1A6

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