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G-Shock Dragon Ball Z Collaboration GA-110JDB-1A4| 2020 Review 2020

G-Shock GA-110JDB-1A4
G-Shock Dragon Ball

What’s New in G-Shock Dragon Ball Z

Casio G-shock has introduced a brand new collaboration watch with a highly popular G-Shock Dragon Ball Z series. This watch is inspired by the main character “Goku” of the Dragon Ball Z series. The watch comes in a shocking orange color and shows the development of the main character “Goku” on the resin band.

The watch will be available for G-shock fans of Asia and Japan in July 2020. The model number of this G shock dragon ball is GA-110JDB. The dragon ball watch has some unique traits and features that set it aside from other g shock watches like G-shock GA-100.

The Dragon Ball Z X G Shock is covered with shocking orange and gold color. Beautiful illustrations of Dragon Ball imprinted on the strap and bezel showing the training of the main character “Goku”. Moreover, there are some other peculiar features of this Dragon Ball Z G Shock such as the placement of a four-star ball motif beside the 9 ‘o clock position in the dial represents one of the seven dragon balls on the inset dial. On the right-hand side, you will see the “Z” motif representing Dragon Ball Z beside the 3” o clock position in the dial.

This exhilarating new model comes with the trademark toughness and durability of G-Shock. The back of the watch is stainless steel with a Dragon Ball Z logo engraved on it.

Dragon Ball Z G Shock 2020 price

The beautiful Casio G Shock Dragon Ball Z price will be 26,400 JPY inclusive of tax.

How to Set time Dragon Ball G Shock

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G-Shock Dragon Ball

G-Shock Dragon Ball Z Special Features

Brand G-Shock
Model G-shock Dragon Ball GA-110JDB-1A4
Watch Band Resin
Gender Uni Sex
Strap Color Orange
Dial Color Multi Color
World Time 29 Zone
Stop Watch 1/1000-second
Alaram 5 Daily Alarm
Battery Life 2 Years

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