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Casio baby-G MSG-S500 Review 2021


What’s New in Casio baby MSG-S500

Released earlier this year, Casio baby-g MSG-S500G is a series of solar powered watches which are specifically designed for all the women out there who love to keep up with the trends.

We are already familiar with Casio being always on point when it comes to constructing distinctive timepieces with a different approach every time it brings out something new. This time too we are astonished by the elegance and style of this line-up series.

Nothing to drag about but the Casio baby-g MSG-S500G series is definitely worth trying as they look so classy, fit best with the trends and also enhances your casual look in the best way.

Casio baby-g MSG-S500G Review includes every detail you need to know about this amazing collection.

So ladies, don’t miss out on this one!

Casio baby-g MSG-S500G is one of the most advanced series introduced by Casio for Women. Approaching this time with a smart elegant design, these models looks so delicate and exquisite that anyone would fall in love with them just in a glance.

Talking about the construction of these sophisticated models, they have a flat and sharp bezel that makes the design look sleeker. The hour markers are smartly shaped in pyramid cut along with the octagon shape of crown to enhance the look.

This dial is attached with a resin band that effortlessly provides the model a sporty look and even makes it comfortable to wear so that you can carry it along with your casual attires whenever you want. You can wear it for longer hours if you want without feeling any irritation or discomfort on your wrist as these timepieces are so lightweight and the material chosen is to provide you most comfort.

Clearly, you can wear these models at any hour of the day as they get along with any attire that easily! Isn’t that an amazing option?

Casio baby-G G-MS MSG-S500 Specfication

Wondering what Casio Baby-G MSG-S500 Specifications have for you? Not only are they constructed to look amazing but they are installed with features that makes them work smartly too! With a thin case, these models are good to wear at any place you want.

Also the solar power system helps to keep it in-work for longer hours so that you can wear them without any worry. The solar power allows you to charge your timepiece during daytime no matter at what place you are. Good news is that you can even wear it while swimming or leisure activities too as the Casio Baby-G MSG-S500 line-up series is water resistant. There comfort ability allows them to stay smoothly on your wrists for longer hours without even bothering you.

Designed with advanced technology and high quality material, these models are constructed to stay durable while you carry out your daily works smoothly.

Did we mention that they are shock resistant too? Moreover, the specifications also provide you features like regular timekeeping and low battery alert so that you never run out of time! In that case, you can charge it easily via solar charging system.

On a full charge, the watch can run up to 5 months. The watch also provides a date display. Much like a mini-calendar to keep you updated. It is so unreal to think how these minor details are kept in mind while constructing such masterpieces! Casio definitely knows what their wearers want and what they are looking for.

Casio baby-g MSG-S500G Color Variations

With four different color variations, this series has been one of the most amazing collection.

Casio Baby-G MSG-S500G-1ADR

With a combination of Rose pink dialer and black resin band, the model Casio Baby-G MSG-S500G-1ADR looks so stylish and classy. A combination that everyone loves, this timepiece has all the traits to become your instant favorite!

The duet of Rose pink and black along with the sleek design is one thing you need to immediately get your hands on. This color combo will go best with your chic attires as well as your summer look.

Casio Baby-G MSG-S500G-1ADR Price is set around $177. You can also look for an in-use model in good condition on online stores.

Casio Baby-G accessories

if you are willing to buy Casio baby-G accessories click on the below images.

Casio Baby-G MSG-S500G-2ADR

This rare model is available in a dull gold dialer against grey resin band. The gold against grey makes the Casio Baby-G MSG-S500G-2ADR a delicate timepiece. If you are looking for something classy to make you stand out, then this is definitely what you want.

Classic touch with a minimal approach!

After all, who can deny the fact that everything looks great in gold.

You can get this exquisite timepiece in $210. Casio Baby-G MSG-S500G-2ADR price is set higher than the earlier model because of its classic color combo.

However, you may find variation on the price of this timepiece as it is almost stocked

 Casio Baby-G MSG-S500G-2ADR

Baby-G Casio MSG-S500-7ADR & MSG-S500G-7ADR

With a white resin band and gold stainless steel bezel and case, the Casio Baby-G MSG-S500-7ADR hits with a different approach. The look is extremely tempting and so effortless that it will make you fall in love with this model immediately.

Another version of this color tone is the model, Casio Baby-G MSG-S500-7ADR. The revised model has a blush pink bezel and case against a white band and must say that it looks so flawless and perfect for daytime events. Surprisingly, the Casio Baby-G MSG-S500-7ADR Price is set around $168 while you can find the Casio Baby-G MSG-S500G-7ADR with a list price of $129. Some dollars defining the differences between these two masterpieces.

All the color variation has their own grace and spark but it’s definitely not easier to pick up one when they all are worth having. Casio baby-g MSG-S500G Series has every minimal detail you can think of to out stand and spark magically. What else do you expect from a brand that never fails to amaze its wearer? Hence, It’s never easier to choose one when all the options are so amazing and even fits your need. But if you had to, what will be your fist option?

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