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Best dress Watch under 100 Review 2020

Dress watches under 1000

How often it happens with all of us that we don’t find a suitable pair of accessories or watch that fits perfect with our dresses?

So many times, I must say because either the color doesn’t match up or sometimes the design is not good-to-go with.

No worry pals as this article brings forward some of the dress watches under 100 that exactly fits your need!

Being honest here, it really saves a lot of time when you chose smartly while buying keeping in mind what goes best with your attire. And it does also save a lot of money though!

For your ease we have sorted down some of the top affordable dress watches so that you can get out of this trouble as soon as possible. To your surprise we have listed some timepieces that are the best affordable dress watches under $100 that go easy on your pocket too!

Casio Edifice EF527D-1AVUDF Men’s dress watch.

On top charts we have the model Casio Edifice Casio Men’s dress watches EF527D-1AV, one of the finest pieces introduced by Casio.

Most comfortable and stylish watch that has been designed with smaller rounded band segments that is comfortable on wrists along with a stylish knurled bezel that gives it a solid outlook.

Simple with the design and specs, this watch has all the basic features that you need. Being 100m water resistance it provides you durability in unconditional areas. Adding to it, the timepiece also has 1/20 second chronograph measuring capacity, double lock option, date display, slide rule function and a battery that can run up to 2 years approximately.

The model is fine example of class and it looks extremely elegant. A rare combination of intelligence and class will definitely enhance your personality in the best way.

You can find the Casio Edifice Men’s EF527D-1AV dress Watch under 100 on Amazon

Casio Edifice EF-527D-1AV

Casio Edifice Men’s affordable dress EQS-900DB-2AVCR watch

Landing on the second place is the sassy silver Edifice model Casio Men’s Edifice EQS-900DB-2AVCR.

Introduces in the high-performance Edifice Lineup, this timepiece has a sporty design as the face is created with carbon fiber.

This solar-powered gadget has an incredible broad design and an outstanding body appearance with a blue ion plated bezel and stainless-steel band.

Contributing much to the Best affordable dress watch under 100, this definitely sparks out your confidence making your look more stylish and to the point.

Apart from being 100m water resistance, this model also has a stopwatch and battery level indicator for your use. On a full charge, you can use this solar-powered gadget for five months. Moreover, it also offers you regular timekeeping and date display options.

A smart choice for a smart occasion!

Surprisingly, the Casio Men’s Edifice EQS-900DB-2AVCR price is under $100 as this spectacular timepiece is available for $97.

What an amazing option in such affordable price.

dress watch EQS900DB-2 under 100

Casio Edifice Men’s EFS-S510D-7AVCR

The third space in our list for affordable dress watch under 100

Automatic is filled by the model Casio Edifice Men’s EFS-S510D-7AVCR.

This silver round watch with a sapphire glass is made out of stainless steel and has a solid impact.

With a flat and clean look, the watch has been designed to suit your needs.

Along with being 100m water resistance the gadget has been constructed with tough solar system. A power technology that Casio watches have.

In addition to it, the watch offers options like Neo-display, 1/1 second stopwatch, date display and battery level indicator.

The perfect silver watch is available for $125 and that too on rare places as this model is high in demand and is usually out of stock.

Better luck finding one!

Casio Edifice men’s EFR-S567D-1AVDR

Number next in our review list is another Edifice model, this time a slimmer one!

Casio Edifice men’s EFR-S567D-1AVDR is a sleeker, smarter and spectacular gadget that has to be your one option while considering for Affordable dress watches.

A slim chronograph model with 9.5 mm slim case, flat bezel and sapphire crystal, the timepiece is perfect to ret on your wrists.

As the earlier mentions, this stainless-steel model is too 100m water resistance with 1/1 second stopwatch, timekeeping and date display options. Tha battery life is remarkable as it can work for 5 years approximately.

One of the finest crafted models that add style to your outlook and make it smarter.

Smarter in looks and price too!

You can get your hand on this model as Casio Edifice Casio Men’s EFR-S567D-1AVDR price starts from $99.


Casio Edifice Men’s EFS-S550PB-1AVCR dress watch under 100

Another sola powered watch with sapphire crystal is the model Casio Edifice Men’s EFS-S550PB-1AVCR. A scratch resistant model that can be charged even by the fluorescent lights. Holding a sport look, this timepiece was basically in the series that was under the guidance of the Scuderia Toro Rosso pit crew.

With a black resin band and a black ion plated anti-reverse bezel, this model has a non-reflective sapphire glass that enhances its construction

Including all the basic features mentioned in the earlier models, this can also work for five months on a full charge.

This amazing black timepiece definitely grabs attention and is best to suit with your classy look as black compensates every outfit and you can find this timepiece within a price range of $134.

One of the classiest mentions in the top affordable dress watch under 100

Casio Edifice Men’s EQS-800CPB-1AVUDF dress watch under 100

Another blazing black model in our review list that definitely is worth mentioning.

Casio Edifice Men’s EQS-800CPB-1AVUDF has a resin band with black ion plated case bezel and red highlights that differentiates its look from others.

The model has broad dialer and strap design and being such a great color combo, it fits best to add that little spark element in your look.

This solar powered watch has all the basic features you need with a tough outlook. Being 100m water resistance and offering date display, battery level indicator, stopwatch and regular timekeeping options this timepiece holds a battery life of five months on a full charge.

This model though is priced a little high as the price is dress watch under 100$. The color might be one reason why this amazing model is a little up in price but still an affordable offer.

Casio Edifice Men’s EFR-564D-1AVCR

Number seven in our list is the again a silver model, this time with a red combination.

Casio Edifice Men’s EFR-564D-1AVCR has a steel bezel along with a stainless-steel band and round dial. The inside of dialer has a red outline that really adds a life to the all silver model.

Installed with all basic features that are mentioned in earlier silver models, this model has battery life of three years which is a very useful option.

The best part is this elegant yet cool watch has a list price of exact $100. One more addition in our best affordable dress watches under $100.

Casio Edifice Men’s EQS-920DB-1A

What a classy model this is!

Casio Edifice Men’s EQS-920DB-1A is again a solar powered watch with a stainless-steel band and a black ion plated bezel. The inner screen display is very bold, clear and attractive.

Might sound same but each design has its own unique design and approach that makes it different from other one.

This model is also 100m water resistant along with 1/1 second stopwatch, battery level indicator, regular timekeeping and date display.

The solar powered chronograph can work for five months on a full charge.

Also, Casio Edifice Men’s EQS-920DB-1A price starts from $90 which makes this spectacular timepiece affordable for you.

Still waiting for the last options?

Casio Edifice Men’s EFV-590D-2AVCR

Third last in our affordable dresses watch list is the model Casio Edifice Men’s EFV-590D-2AVCR. This cool model has a stainless-steel band attached to a blue ion plated steel bezel. As cool as it sounds, this timepiece is a perfect summer-pick to add a refreshing element in your style.

With a simple clean design and red markers, this model also has the basic features of 100m water resistance, timekeeping, 1/1 second stopwatch, date display and time-keeping.

But what makes it different is its super-cool color combo!

You can have this amazing piece on your wrists in $69.

Yes, you read it right! It’s that much affordable.

Casio Edifice Men’s EFS-S500DB-1BDR dress watch under 100$

Ranking second last is the amazing solar powered watch, Casio Edifice Men’s EFS-S500DB-1BDR.

Available in a rare combination of black bezel with silver stainless steel band and dull gold markers and highlights, this glamorous watch is best suitable for your night happenings.

Equipped with the basic features, the watch owns a unique style approach that is defined by its amazing color combo.

As the color gold adds that glamor and style element, the price is also set accordingly.

Casio Edifice Men’s EFS-S500DB-1BDR price starts from $152. Totally justified with the outstanding color and design it provides.


Casio Edifice Men’s EFR-S567DC-1AVCR

Ending our list for the Best affordable dress watches with a black slim-line model from Edifice. The smartest one in look and design.

With a black stainless-steel band and a black ion plated back and case, this model is definitely the best smartest choice to make. Installed with features that our earlier mention of slim model has; this all black gadget is definitely worth the reading wait.

Smart, clean and remarkable!

The Casio Edifice Men’s EFR-S567DC-1AVCR Price is set around $134.

A lot of best options to select from and that too in affordable price range!

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