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Affiliate Disclosure Policy:

The Federal Trade Commission FTC released the modification in Compliance Rules in the year 2015.

These rules were stated to ensure that whoever is reading or visiting the web media must be aware of the publisher is sponsored or endorsed with the original site and they are making money by the material or their links. So by confirming the FTC guidelines be aware that links present on this website are also the same.

We make sure that any/all of the links present on our platform are affiliate links and we are getting some compensation from these links when certain item gets sold.

Definition of Affiliate Links:

When somebody clicks and buys something the purchase will be made from the external website which are direct sellers (not from the G-watch zone). The companies such as Amazon pays the G-watch zone a small compensation as we bring them more customers so they give us some commission.

We are an Associate:

We clearly state that we are an associate we put on the links of the products on our platform from Amazon and it is confirmed by the statement,

“We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites”

We may put on links on other websites that are associated with the Amazon Service LLC Affiliate Program.

We also ensure that the prices of the items you buy from our Affiliate link are exactly the same as on the original website so be patient there is no difference if you buy from an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. Be aware that clicking on an affiliate link will not charge you anything extra, the price of the items you going to buy will be the same for you even if you buy by clicking on the Affiliate link.

We don’t publish any sponsored content on our platform and if someone wants to publish some sponsored content we will mention that on the beginning of such material. Be assured that we only refer you to such authentic material that we can use ourselves or can refer to our loved ones.

We will be waiting for your support, you can empower our efforts of research which we do just for you.

Thanks a lot