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Best Casio GShock Rangeman Review 2021

Casio G Shock Rangeman

Reviewing today in our article the Master of G, the toughest yet stylish Casio GShock Rangeman As far as the G-Shock series is concerned, Casio has produced one after another amazing gadgets keeping in mind the user’s demand. Once again, …

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Casio GShock Pink watches review 2021

gshock pink watch

G-watchzone has brought yet another review to share with you some quick details on the all-classy and trendy gshock Pink watches with the latest updates that you need to know.So readers, Don’t miss out! Keep scrolling to know more about …

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G-Shock DW-5900 Review 2021


G-Shock DW-5900 was originally designed in 1992 and also know for 3 eyed G-Shock . It was the first G-Shock watch with the three eyed LCD design. By presenting four small button with classic stainless steel button. One thing stand …

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G-Shock GX-56BB blackout King of G-shock

G-Shock GX-56BB

G-Shock GX-56BB blackout King of G-shock G-Shock GX-56BB-1DR  was introduced In mid-2016 but the very first GX-56 model was present in august 2010. In GX-56 three models GX-56-1A, GX-56-1B, GX-56-4. These three Variant are the basis of Current  GX-56BB. After …

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G-Shock Rangeman VS Mudman | GW-9400-1DR VS G-9300 -1DR

Rangeman VS MUdman

Rangeman VS Mudman  Both G-Shock Rangeman VS Mudman iconic watches that still worth to buy both have amazing features and design but the question is which one is best for you the answer is how much the budget you have …

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Casio G-Lide G-Shock GBX-100 review 2021

G-Shock GBX-100

What’s new in G-Shock GBX-100 June 2020 watch lover will love to enjoy the brand new G-Shock GBX-100 series. It will be going to another classic value addition from G-Lide to the G-shock family. The watch has a unique ability to …

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American Flag G-Shock | Feel Patriotic With ALIFE x G- Shock GDX6900AL-2

What’s New in American Flag G-Shock Casio G-Shock has released a new limited-edition collaboration watch in partnership with NYC Streetwear ALIFE. American flag G-shock GDX6900AL-2 model resembles the American flag on it and has a combination of blue and white …

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Casio G-Shock Mini Watches | Best Watches With Small Dials For Women & Kids

G-Shock Mini

G-Shock Mini Watches G-Shock has known for producing tough, durable, and high performance watches for men. Traditionally, the G-shock watches have big bezels and dials which is their trademark, but there is a sector of fans who want to have …

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Best Casio Gold Calculator Watch

Casio Calculator Gold Watch

How long have you been in love with gold watches? Maybe, since forever! Afterall, who doesn’t love that shiny and glimmering color on their wrists. They totally look amazing. So why not bring something amazing for you guys to read? …

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Casio G-Shock DW-6900 Series Limited Edition Review 2021

DW-6900 Series

Along with the metal-covered GM-6900 series, The stylish and sleek Casio G-shock models never disappoint their users with their long-lasting performance and design. The G-Shock DW-6900 series will be going to add a brand new special addition to its catalog in February. …

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