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Best White watches for Men & Women Review 2020

White G Shock Men’s Watches

White watches for Men & Women We have always come over the fact that White watches for Men & Women adds elegance to your style and especially when it’s about a timepiece that sparks elegantly in white color. Yes, you’ve …

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Casio GShock Pink watches review 2021

gshock pink watch

G-watchzone has brought yet another review to share with you some quick details on the all-classy and trendy gshock Pink watches with the latest updates that you need to know.So readers, Don’t miss out! Keep scrolling to know more about …

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Best Casio G-Shock GA-2100 Review 2021

G-Shock GA-2100 Review

What’s New In Casio G-Shock GA-2100 The thinnest and smartest series in the G-Shock collection, G-Shock GA-2100 is undoubtedly the most-awaited watch. Bringing in this article G-Shock GA-2100 Review to know what surprises these super-thin models have for you! Originally …

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Best Casio G-Shock GA-900 Review 2021

G-Shock GA-9000

If you are looking for best watch with durability, style and design then your wait is over. G-Shock GA-900 has been released and is available for everyone to put your hands on this brand new masterpiece. It is one of …

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G-Shock One Piece X Collaboration Watch GA-110JOP-1A4


What’s New In G-Shock One Piece There is some great news for G shock fans and widely famous Manga series One Piece lovers. A new collaboration model of G-Shock One Piece GA-110JOP-1A4 is ready to get launch in July 2020. …

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G-Shock Dragon Ball Z Collaboration GA-110JDB-1A4| 2020 Review 2020

Dragon Ball G-Shock

G-Shock Dragon Ball What’s New in G-Shock Dragon Ball Z Casio G-shock has introduced a brand new collaboration watch with a highly popular G-Shock Dragon Ball Z series. This watch is inspired by the main character “Goku” of the Dragon …

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G-Shock GMA-S140 S-Series Unisex Analog/Digital Watch

G-Shock GMA-S140

What’s new in G-SHOCK GMA-S140 G-SHOCK GMA-S140 S-Series renovate the product and bring about a tremendous GMA-S140 Series with an eye-catching new model that suits your personality a lot. Recasting the GA-140 model features GMA-S140 withholds the characteristic of 90’s …

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G-Shock GA-700 Analog-Digital Men’s Watch

G-Shock GA-700

What’s New in G-Shock GA-700 G-Shock GA-700 is constantly setting a new standard for timekeeping toughness, comes with analog/digital combination. Casio GA700 comes with five colors. Full black, Black & Red, White, Blue. GA-700 is similar to GA-100 along with …

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G Shock GA 2100 Review | GA-2100-1A1| GA-2100-1ADR

G Shock GA 2100

What’s New in G Shock GA 2100 August 2019, G-Shock released one of the coolest models, the G Shock GA 2100. In this article, you will see the key features of the GA-2100 series.GA-2100 is a Carbon Core Guard Model Same …

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