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Best Casio vintage watch gold Review 2020

Things are all good when they are gold!

Casio has amazed all of us with their exciting new trends and mind-blowing series of watches and this time too with the Casio Vintage Gold series, it has won many hearts out there and the color is similar to Casio-calculator-watch-gold

Bringing in for our readers the distinctive gold models in the Casio Vintage Gold Women’s watch Review.

Keep scrolling to know what in the vintage lineup we have for you!

Casio Vintage A159WGED-1D

The very first mention is none other than the model Casio Vintage A159WGED-1D.

A classy vintage theme in the glimmering gold color installed with features that makes it a complete package. The natural diamonds engraved in this timepiece does not only adds to its beauty but also enhances the vintage look brilliantly.

Originally made in Japan, this model is constructed with a stainless Steelband and multi-faceted glass that makes it tougher and durable for long-term use. Not to forget that this model is water resistant which makes it more comfortable to wear.

With a Green LED display, the LED light enhances the screen readability.

Moreover, the model has an in-built 1/100-second stopwatch, auto-calendar, daily alarm set-up and an approximately battery life for up to 7 years.

This Casio Vintage Gold model has so much to offer you within an affordable price range. To your knowledge, the Casio Vintage A159WGED-1D Price starts from just $99.

You may find a variation in price if you buy online.

Casio Vintage A159WGED-1D

Casio Vintage A168WEGC-5EF

Another in the vintage series much to mention is the model Casio Vintage A168WEGC-5EF.

This exquisite timepiece might not be a part of the current vintage collection but it’s amazing outlook and features made it important to mention in the Casio Vintage Gold Women’s watch Review.

The model with an iconic digital face, a stunning green army background and a stainless-steel Gold strap makes it look so tough and amazing. The band is designed to provide comfort even if you wear it for longer time periods.

Holding the same likely features as mentioned in the earlier model, this timepiece has one thing in difference. It has an acrylic glass instead of the multi-faceted one.

From the outlook it seems that this model is best for people who love to add a little twist in trend.

You can get your hands on this pretty model in just $64.

Casio Vintage A168WEGC-5EF Price starts from $64 which is quite less in comparison to the earlier model price.

A good deal to make in case you love those little twist!

Casio G-Shock Accessories

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Casio Vintage A159WGEA-1EF

The model Casio Vintage A159WGEA-1EF is a square faced timepiece with a stainless-steel band to maintain durability.

This timepiece has a wider outlook and a green LED display.

The model is water resistant along with having all the supportive features that the vintage series hold. Notable thing is that this model portrays a much serious outlook that makes it look more promising and a tough choice definitely.

For the ones who love to keep it classy while staying simple, this Casio Vintage Model will do all justice.

Another thing that makes it special is how affordable the price is. This model will be on your wrists in just $58.

The Casio Vintage A159WGEA-1EF price is set accordingly to value its worth.

Such a classy timepiece that too within a minimal price range!

Casio Vintage LA670WGA-9DR & LA670WGA-1

Landing on the fourth position in our review list are the models Casio Vintage LA670WGA-1 and Casio Vintage LA670WGA-9DR.

A spectacular design in two different color tones!

With a minimal dialer space and smart stainless-steel band, this model has features that makes it a perfect minimalistic combo of design and technology.

This design has two color variations. The Casio Vintage LA670WGA-1 has a black dial color against the Gold color strap while the Casio Vintage LA670WGA-9DR is an all gold color combo.

Marvelous in look, these amazing timepieces are water-resistant and has multiple other features that makes it a tough competitor in the Vintage Series.

Unbelievably this retro model is available at a surprising rate that you won’t mind to spend

The price for both Casio Vintage LA670WGA-1 and Casio Vintage LA670WGA-9DR is set around $28.

Isn’t that too amazing?

You can even have both the color tones just to bring a change in your daily look.

Casio Vintage LA680WGA-1

One of the most popular retro design is our next mention this Casio Vintage Gold Series.

Available in six different color tones, this Vintage timepiece from Casio Looks pretty amazing.

Casio Vintage LA680WGA-1 is a water-resistant watch that is designed and constructed to last for longer time.

This digital timepiece is best to wear with your formals as its distinctive outlook will add to your attire. Not only does it look classy and smart but also works efficiently.

The gold band is designed to adjust on your wrists and provide you comfort as it is so lightweight and easy to carry.

Waiting to read how much dollars you need to spend to make it yours?

You don’t need to have a plenty of them as the Casio Vintage LA680WGA-1 price is set at $42.

Not at all a bad deal to make if you too love to look classy with no hustle.

Casio Vintage LA670WEMY-9EF

Writing up next in our list the classic mesh band model, Casio Vintage LA670WEMY-9EF.

This model has a mini squared dialer face along with a stainless-steel mesh band in gold color that brings out and enhances the vintage theme more beautifully.

You can also adjust the band according to your wrists with the adjustable clasp. Made with Resin Glass, this watch is resistant to water so you can wear it comfortably anywhere.

Installed with features like 1/10-second stopwatch, countdown timer with a range of 30 minutes, auto-calendar, daily alarm and hourly time signal this is definitely a gadget you must have.

The Casio Vintage LA670WEMY-9EF Price starts from $88.

You can also check for used version if it suits you that might be available at a lower price rate.

Casio Vintage DB380G-1

A super-stylish data bank that looks amazing in a wider dialer face and broad strap.

The Casio Vintage DB380G-1 has the capacity to record up to 30 tele memo pages with 8-charadter name and 15 telephone numbers. The multi functioning data bank has dual time setup, LED screen and backlight, afterglow setup and 1/100-second stopwatch that makes it more useful. It can also support 5 independent alarms and hourly time signal.

In addition to this, this model is water resistant and has a battery life of approximately 3 years.

So much to offer the wearer that too with such style statement.

Casio has definitely designed this timepiece keeping in mind the need of today’s generation

Everything is just a tip away and you can maintain your data so easily!

The Casio Vintage DB380G-1 price starts from $49.

A smart price for a smart device!

Casio Gold LTP-V005G-9A

Last but as often said not the least one is the spectacular round-dialer model, Casio Gold LTP-V005G-9A.

The advanced timepiece looks completely different from the above-mentioned vintage series models as it has different dialer style and its analog.

With a stainless Steelband and gold color, this vintage watch reminds you of the old school time as it looks s pretty amazing.

The good thing is you can buy this pretty model for just $39.

The Casio Gold LTP-V005G-9A price is just so affordable and perfect for the ones who are looking for round dialer watches.

Nevertheless, all these vintage watches have their own style statement and uniqueness. But one thing is for sure that you cannot stop yourself from buying one as they look so sleek and so classy.

And that too with a retro look.

Who wouldn’t want to have one?

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