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Casio Vintage A100MA Metal case and mesh band Series

The Casio Vintage A100MA series is a stylish, high-quality timepiece that is very reasonably priced. The stainless-steel casing has been polished using various processes and finishes to give it that vintage look of yesteryear, with colors similar in nature to what artists would use back then on their artworks—the mesh band being delicately woven together like when they were first born into this world or had just started learning how much more there was out here than anyone else had ever understood before!

This bracelet’s elaborately structured mesh is inspired by a stunningly complicated weave. On separate portions, hairline and mirror finishes are employed, while the lines and vapor deposition give it that premium appearance you can’t get any other way!

Casio A1000MA-7

Casio A1000MA-7DR

Casio A1000MGA-5

Casio A1000MGA-5



Stopwatch at 1/100-second intervals

Super Illuminator with LED lighting for daily alarms

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