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Casio Protrek PRT-B50 Review 2021

Casio Protrek PRT-B50 Review

Once again, Casio has hit the market with its incredible Casio PRT-B50 series. A much deserving gadget for all the enthusiasts and adventurers out there!

As visible by its name the pro-trek series by Casio is one of a kind.

In case you are not aware of what Casio has brought this time, keep scrolling through Casio Protrek PRT-B50 Review 2020 to get to know more about this amazing collection.

Without further dragging the statement, let’s begin with the Casio PRTB50 Review.

To your surprise, this dynamic series is equipped with quad sensor ability along with an accelerometer that counts steps with the quad sensor installed you have the facilities to detect compass bearing, barometric pressure and even measure the temperature. In case of need you can also connect your Casio Pro-trek PRTB50with your smart phone via pro-trek connected append Bluetooth to enable functions during outdoor activities.

An all-rounder gadget specially constructed for trekkers, hikers, climbers and all other people who enjoy outdoor activities and love to adventure. With so many functions and facilities,this all-in-one timepiece has everything fit in for your convenience.

Good thing about this series is that it is equipped with technological advances that will make your journey much easier. Like you can simply check temperature just with a touch on your wrists or you can check how many steps you have taken with the advance step-counter.

Not only this but you can also usethe digital compass in case you are lost mid-way. The auto-light switch will enhance readability according to what light you are moving in. Moreover, the watch also has a sunrise and sunset time display to provide you additional in formation while you are on a tough adventure.

But wait! How is the watch going to help you while you are moving to higher places? Don’t worry as Casio knows how to handle your worries smartly.Casio PRTB50 series have a built-in altimeter and barometer which definitely will help you while you are planning to make higher moves in your journeys.

All these tech-facilities in a such a compact gadget that not only works efficiently but also looks stylish.Isn’t it something that you’ve always wanted?You think we are done with all the feature this timepiece offers you?Not yet!

This watch can also record your location. So when you move towards a new location, don’t forget to perform a watch button operation that will pin your current location and track you towards it. You can easily count the distance between your current and past location and become less worries about the ways.

With the connectivity option, it is easy to adjust time automatically no matter where you are. The time will be always correct so you can move without worrying much about it.Talking about the construction of this timepiece, it has to be tough enough to stand rough areas and keep working smoothly. The watch has a back-cover made of resin with a light weight glass-fiber structure combining the band and case into a single case to avoid any breakage and the Inter Feather as same as G-Shock Mud-master GG-B100

The additional button-guards provides protection against operational errors while the tough case makes it more durable to work in rugged areas.The watch has been designed with a wide face structure that has Arabic numerals to enhance readability. The outlook of this timepiece gives it a sporty and tough look.Just what goes perfect for people who dare to adventure!Did we miss out the band?We all know how irritating it is when the band keeps slipping of your wrist and you need to adjust it again and again but it is even more difficult when you are in such harsh environments.

That’s why Casio has deigned this Casio PRTB50 series with urethane bands that has a 3d texture to avoid unnecessary slipping of watch.

Casio PRTB50 Specifications

Casio PRTB50 Specifications have no defined limits! These water-resistant watches are installed with double LED light (Auto LED and Neon Illuminator) that enhances read ability in tough areas. Also, it has world time data with 38 time zones so that you are updated no matter wherever your journey takes you.Surprisingly,this time piece has its own power saving mode that is enabled after fixed period of non-activity to avoid battery drainage.The battery can however work approximately for 2 years same as other G-Shock Model Like Casio G-Shock GA-2100

Moreover,Casio Pro-trek PRT-B50 Color Variation will definitely leave you thinking which one to choose as all the tones have their own style statement and looks pretty cool.!Though almost same in design and feature, this series has various color options so that you can choose the one that suits your style complete

Casio Protrek PRT-B50-1DR

The model Casio PRT-B50-1DRcomes in an all-blacktone with white LED display.

What amazing this piece looks in the blazing black color tone and who exactly would not want to have it?CasioPRT-B50-1dr Price starts from $140.

An amazing package of features, style, technology and much more that too in an affordable price range is worth buying.

Casio Protrek PRT-B50-2DR

In case you don’t want the black color (assuming that you really do want it), you can choose the model Casio PRT-B50-2DR that is available in a storm blue shade and looks quite cool and refreshing.

Though this shade is quite rare and is not easily available but you can have this blue timepiece for $144.

The Casio PRT-B50-2DR Price may vary as it is almost a sold out piece everywhere and why shouldn’t it be?

You can also get your hands on a used piece for just $123. Wait! We have a much cooler version next in our list.

Casio G-Shock Accessories

if you are willing to buy Casio G-Shock Accessories click on the below images.

Casio Protrek PRT-B50-4DR

This super attractive model is available in red and black color combo.

Casio PRT-B50-4DR has ablack band against the minimal red dialer that makes it look a little different from the other two models. You can have this spectacular timepiece within an affordable amount as Casio PRT-B50-4DRPrice is set around $159.

Might sound a little higher but these watches are completely worth buying and they prove to be very useful too.

Just in case you are not understanding how to explore the features, you can read Casio Pro-trek PRTB50 Manual that has all the details written in it for wearers ease. You can also look for the user guide online and see how it works but for that you need to first hurry up and go buy your journey-partner from the Casio Pro-trek PRTB50 series.

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