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CASIO Pro trek SmartWatch 2020

CASIO Pro trek Smart Watch

Casio Pro-trek  Smart Watch Collection:

 Casio pro-trek Smart watch  Series  consist of

  • WSD-F20
  • WSF-F21HR
  • WSD-F30

Casio Pro-trek  Smartwatch WSD-F20 Series consists of two models WSD-20RG and WSD-F20BK.THESE two models differ only by the colors of its case.WSD-F20RG has an orange dial and WSD-F20  has a Black dial. Both these model comes with their accessories  AC Adaptor and  Special charging cable. Both this model was released in April 2017

Casio Pro-trek  Smart Watch WSD-F21HR  series consists of two models  WSD-F21HR-RD & WSD-F21HR-BK. Both these models are identified by their color.  WSD-F21HR-RD has a red case and WSD-F21HR-BK has a Black case,  Both models come with charging cable  AC Adaptor and charging cable.

Casio Pro-trek  Smart Watch WSD-F30  series consists of three models  WSD-F30-BU & WSD-F30-RG & WSD-F30BK. These three models are identified y its colors.  WSD-F30-BU has a blue case and WSD-F30-RG has an orange case. WSD-F30BK  has a black case. These three models come with charging cable  AC Adaptor and charging cable.

Casio Pro Trek Smart WSD-F20 Collection:

Pro-trek  Smart Watch WSD-F20 Seems like their band is resin and the case is made of Composite material. And the dial is made of plastic. Casio is not announced their glass is sapphire class or not. If glass will be sapphire it would be great for those who mostly go for outdoor activates.WSD-f20  is bulky and this watch is specially designed for men its size is 61,7 x 56.4 x 15.3. The Casio Pro Trek Smartwatch also has three buttons on the right side; a tool button, a power button, and an app button. The buttons allow you to navigate through menus and can be assigned specific functions. The watch also features a water-resistant microphone which’s functionality depends on the apps and Android Wear features.

Pro-trek  Smart Watch WSD-F20 Series has three sensors which include Barometer, altimeter, digital compass, and built-in GPS. These functions you can use only you have to install the android wear app. Casio Protrek Smart Watch comes with several Apps

Casio G-Shock Accessories

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Activity App

The Activity App supports several  sport modes such as trekking, cycling, paddling, fishing, and skiing. This app shows a graphic map as well you can adjust your location. This map can work offline but first of all, you have to download. Casio Pro Trek Smartwatches will come with several Casio apps for Android Wear; Casio Moment Link, TOOL, Moment Setter and Activity. The maps also work Additionally, the app can also show other GPS-based data such as your current speed, elevation, etc.

The Moment Setter app

The Moment Setter app triggers a notification when pre-set conditions are met – for example, you can set the app to trigger the notification when you have walked the distance of 10 kilometers. This app could actually come in very handy for hiking, trekking, etc. However, it all depends on the final version of it and it is not yet clear which kinds of conditions will you be able to set (altitude, coordinates, etc.)

In the TOOL app, you can access compass, altimeter, barometer, sunrise/sunset times, tide graph and activity graph.

Moment Link app

The Moment Link app shows your current locations on the map and allows you to send them messages, However, this app requires that you have internet access (through your smartphone) and GPS signal. It also doesn’t work with iOS devices.


The Casio Pro Trek Smartwatch comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect the watch to a smartphone. When connected, you can see emails, texts, alerts, etc. from the phone directly on the watch. Furthermore, Bluetooth connectivity also allows you to connect other devices to the watch such as a Bluetooth heart rate belt, Casio action cameras (you can control the camera directly from the watch), etc. Wi-Fi connectivity can be used to download the maps.

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