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Casio G-Shock Smartwatch OS Wear GSW-H1000 Review 2021

Let’s start the guide about the first Casio watch which is powered by Wear OS android named Casio G-Shock Smartwatch OS Wear GSW-H1000. Wear OS is a version of Google android which is specially designed for smartwatches.

This article about Casio G-Shock Smartwatch OS Wear GSW-H1000 gives a full bunch of information which you’re looking for and gives you full outlined, so you don’t miss the all-important points about your watch.

Casio G-Shock Smartwatch OS Wear GSW-H1000 is released this 1st April 2021 and is getting huge respect from the customers because as you know that Casio G-shock always gives you toughness in their watches.

Most of the Smartwatches in the market lack toughness, so Casio G shock decides to fulfill this gap and gives their customer the best of the best.

You can get the Casio G-Shock Smartwatch OS Wear GSW-H1000 at $699 in the USA

Casio G-Shock Smartwatch OS Wear GSW-H1000 series comes in 3 different colors which are




Hold on there we’re going to start in detail about the fantastic Smartwatch of Casio GSW-H1000.

Design And Technology

The GSW-H1000 The display is a dual-layer 1.2-inch touchscreen made of mineral glass with an anti-fouling coating, with a 360×360 TFT LCD color display and a power-saving monochrome time display. The GSW-H1000 has a resin case, metal bezel, and soft urethane band.

GSW-H100 series start button which is most frequently used aluminum with an accent color for improved visibility and operability. Honeycomb patterning applied to the case and band for an expression of toughness worthy of the G-shock.

GSW-100 can be connected with any smartphone that uses the latest version of Android or iOS but remember supported features may vary to the platforms and countries.

Key Features

● Casio app with support for a variety of sports and training activities like running, indoor workouts, and swimming to biking, snowboarding, and fishing.
● Casio app includes 15 activities and 24 indoor workout options for use in a wide range of athletic settings.
● Choose from three different types of watch faces to suit the setting or your preferred style.

● The Display Settings options also allow customization of background patterns and theme colors.
● Get more details about your running and walking session like pace, distance, time, speed, map, and route.
● A multi-function map shows your current location and trajectory to the compass bearing, barometric pressure and altitude measurements, tide graphs, times of sunrise/sunset, and more.
● Activity logs give you a full measurement of your every activity.
● Check the degree of the training progress and help in planning.
● GSW-1000H series lets you take photos and videos while you’re in action using the sensor overlay function.

Casio G-Shock Smartwatch GSW-H1000-1

The black and blue-accented GSW-H1000-1.

Casio G-Shock Smartwatch GSW-H1000-1

Casio G-Shock Smartwatch GSW-H1000-1ADR

The blackout GSW-H1000-1A

Casio G-Shock Smartwatch GSW-H1000-1A

Casio G-Shock Smartwatch GSW-H1000-1A4DR

The black and red GSW-H1000-1A4.

Casio G-Shock Smartwatch GSW-H1000-1A4DR


Let’s end the article about Casio G-Shock Smartwatch OS Wear GSW-H1000 and I hope you have got the information which you’re looking for. GSW-H1000 is the best choice for this spring and it’s the first Casio watch that uses Wear 0S.
GSW-H1000 is the best daily basis gadget which you want on your wrists. It gives you full details about your running and walking session like step counter, pace and your current location. Don’t miss this gadget because this GSW-H1000 series will never let you down with its design and technology.

Dual display

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