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Casio G-Shock Royal Navy Frogman GWF-A1000RN-8DR

This article is all about the new Casio G-Shock Royal Navy Frogman GWF-A1000RN-8 which is specially designed for tough conditions and military operations. Most of the watches introduced by other watchmakers aren’t equipped with the advanced materials and technology to face that many severe climatic conditions.

Casio G-Shock Royal Navy Frogman is built with the collaboration of the Royal Navy and the limited edition of Frogman is built to face the severe climatic conditions even on Land or sea.

Casio Royal Navy Frogman going to Release this April 2021 and it’s a limited edition, don’t forget to get it from the store as soon as possible.This timepiece is the best model for armed forces to use in their military operations. Casio G shock is always known for its tough and rigid watches.

Casio G-Shock Royal Navy Frogman gwf-a1000rn-8 is coming soon with a price rate of £799 and there is a special page for the Casio Royal Navy Frogman where you can get in brief detail.

Frogman GWF-A100RN-8 gives more functionality to give more time display to feature more analog big display, bold hours makers, and hands for more accurate readability. This gadget uses Carbon Core Guard combined with world-renowned shock resistance and ISO 200m diver-level water resistance, creating a structure that is ideally suited to the challenges faced at sea.


Let’s start with its outer material which is used to make this outstanding and tremendoustimepiece which is inspired by the British Royal navy.As it is said to be the Navy watch someans it should contain high water resistance andtoughness which can face high Sun radiant.

The band and bumpers of the Casio G-Shock Royal Navy Frogman gwf-a1000rn-8 are in grey but the bumpers appear to be darker than the band.The bezel and button of the gadget are in dark blue giving the Navy flag texture on your arms.Sapphire crystal glass with non-reflective coating gives high readability, non-reflective coating is applied on the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

The remaining part of the gadget has black parts and a Back cover engraved with a bespoke naval version of the G-SHOCK frog character as a tribute to the Royal Navy.The display of Casio G-Shock Royal Navy Frogman GWF-A1000rn-8 consists of full-depth details of tide and dive duration. At 3 o’clock it shows you all about the tide information and down at the left it shows you the full information about the diving.

Key Features

●The diving mode consists of a timeline display of time, date and number of dives alongwith smartphone-logged dive location and smartphone-shotphotos

.●Tide point setting with some of the world’s major dive spots come pre-set and can be selected from a map or list

.●Automatic time adjustment with World time for over 300 cities.

●The fluoroelastomer material provides an excellent fit on the wrist with its soft feel.

●Take smartphone-shot photos during your diving session

  • Best for Leisure sea
  • Phone Finder
  • Radio Controlled
  • Bluetooth
  • Quite Expensive
Casio G-Shock Royal Navy GWF-A1000RN-8A


We will recommend you Casio G-Shock Royal Navy Frogman gwf-a1000rn-8 if you’re always wanting to hunt or do outdoor adventures. It’s Photo taking features make your scuba diving and sea adventures more memorable by taking eye catching shots. Reception of the most recent time zone and Daylight Saving Time information assures that the correct time is displayed at all times.

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