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Best Casio G Shock Gulf Master Quad Sensor review 2020

G-Shock Gulf Master GWN-1000

What’s New in Casio G Shock Gulf Master

A new addition in the G-Shock collection is the series Casio G Shock Gulf Master.

A merge of brilliant design, smart features and solid construction is what this series is all about.

While writing about the G-Shock series the one thing that hit our mind directly is the durability and smartness these series are constructed with. Holding a bulk of features within, the G-Shock Gulf Master Quad Sensor will surely not disappoint the wearers.

Casio G Shock Gulf Master Specification

The Casio G-Shock Gulf Master Review is all about the features, specifications and colors that this series offers you.

Continue scrolling down if you too love to keep an eye on the new trends in timepieces!

As already mentioned, this new series is designed brilliantly specially keeping in mind the maritime adventurer. The multi-featured watch is constructed to stand by you in any environment you move in to.

Not to forget that the Casio G Shock Gulf-Master series is one of a kind as it is the first timepiece that supports both Triple Sensor version 3 along with Smart Access. The features are added for your convenience and comfortability and are adjusted in a compact gadget that keeps you updated.

As compared to the earlier series that had barometric pressure, altitude, bearing and temperature reading, this new series along with all these features, also has a Tide Graph and Moon Age capabilities that helps you to stay closer with your natural environments but also makes your journey easier by providing such information.

Talking about journeys and adventures here, we all know how difficult it is to adjust the gadgets and all your belongings on your own. But not to worry as this smart watch is prepared to become your perfect journey partner.

The double Led light enhances readability in rough areas where the light goes dark. The illuminous LED helps you with areas that have low lights. A face light is also added automatically at 6o’clock to brighten up the LCD for easy read.

With these minor details it is always a delight to know that how sharply and smartly Casio designs its product in a compact manner to provide the wearer a useful gadget that is multi-functional too.

The G-Shock Gulf Master Specifications does not end here.

The series has hybrid mounting that protects against damage and makes it more durable while you are on your adventure on journey. It also enables auto home position so that the time you see is always correct. These tough movement features allow you to have a worry-free journey.

Meantime on your journey, you might need to use multiple functions and you can freely do that as the Casio G Shock Gulf Master series ensures stable operation with tough solar feature that enables to run power-hungry functions smoothly.

Moreover, the series is installed with Multiband 6 and wave captor that receives time signals and automatically corrects the time no matter at what place you are.

Isn’t that amazing that you can move freely anywhere without worrying much about these minor things that actually are so important while you are on a journey.

Thinking that this is all what the series offers you?

But wait!

This series is constructed to make it shock resistant and 200-meter water resistant for your ease. This promising design provides stability in harsh environments and also makes it easier for people to move o their ways despite the conditions.

An all-rounder watch that also has digital compass that can be used in multiple ways to seek guidance. The compass is installed to provide you directions in case you found yourself lost midway.

G-Shock Gulf Master is not just a timepiece series but also has features that work efficiently.

With 29 time zones, countdown timer with measuring unit of 1 second, 5 daily alarm options with hourly time signal, regular time keeping and hand shift feature this amazing gadget is definitely worthy carrying along. In addition to this the watch has full auto-calendar to year 2099.

The battery can work approximately for 6 months on rechargeable battery (operation period with normal use without exposure to light after charge) and for 23 months on rechargeable battery (operation period when stored in total darkness with the power save function on after full charge). Along with this, the battery indicator also proves to be useful as it informs regarding the battery life.

The series has been surely designed for people who are looking for something promising and tough just as their dreams. The models are designed with an attractive marine look with a wider display and large button lights to enhance its performance in tougher areas.

This Gulf Master series has three lineup models that are installed with the same efficient features but have a different color combo so that you can pick your favorite journey partner.

Casio G Shock Gulf Master GN-1000B-1A

The first model to mention is the G-Shock Gulf Master Black which comes with black resin band and dial color. This broad dialer watch has a design face that speaks for its toughness and durability.

The amazing all black combo looks very stylish specially in this design.

For your knowledge this model is available on a list price of $194 in online store.

Casio G-Shock Gulf Master GN-1000B-1A

Casio G Shock Gulf Master GN-1000-1A

The second available color tone is the model G-Shock Gulf Master GN-1000-1A which also has a black resin band along with black dial color but with blue and red highlights that makes it look slightly different from the earlier mentioned model.

The popping red and blue color ads a twist in the simple design making it nothing less than a desirable timepiece.

G-Shock Gulf Master GN-1000-1A Price starts from $247 in online purchase.

Casio G Shock Gulf Master GN-1000-1A

G-Shock Gulf Master GWN-1000B-1BDR

With slightly a different approach in design the model, G-Shock Gulf Master GWN-1000B-1BDR has a black resin band along with blue outlined dialer. This color tone is same as the first model but this design is a bit changed from that version.

Comparatively, the price for this model is higher than the earlier one as the model is available on a list price of $413.

Designed to stand long, the G-Shock Gulf Master series should be on your wish list if you are an adventurous person.

G-Shock Gulf Master GWN-1000B-1BDR

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