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Casio G-Shock bruce lee Limited EDITION 2020

G-shock bruce lee

What’s New in G-Shock bruce lee

Are you a G-Shock Bruce lee fan?

We assume the majority answers are positive in this regard Afterall, who on the Earth does not adore the king of Martial Arts, the one and only who has won millions of hearts worldwide, Bruce Lee.

Earlier this year, Casio left everyone in awe as it introduced the distinctive Casio G-Shock bruce lee Limited Edition 2020, a timepiece to honor the late action star and remember the commendable efforts he has done throughout his life.

This model is visually appealing, tough, and holds multiple features just as our loveable artist did.

As strong and tough it looks from the outside, as intelligent and smart the inside is.

This collaborative Casio Bruce Lee watch does not only look tough but holds feature that develops an essence of the great artist’s life.

Another mind-blowing piece from the MR-G series, this G-shock model was introduced on the 80th birthday of the late artist Bruce Lee to regard him. The Bruce Lee G-Shock released earlier this year on 20th February 2020 as to celebrate the actor’s big day.

Not to forget that this Casio G-Shock Casio Bruce Lee

timepiece only had 300 copies to be sold worldwide. After its release in February 2020, the model made was an immediate demand and sold out as the Bruce Lee fans didn’t take any chance.

G-Shock MR-G × Bruce Lee Collaboration Model

As much clear from its name, this tough addition in the G-Shock Series has a lot of features that makes it more wanting model!

Being sock and magnetic resistant this model proves its stability in the toughest environments and stands best in harsh areas to make its mark. Just as how the great actor did prove himself with his finest abilities and skills and paved the way for many others following him.

The advanced watch is solar powered and works long to support you throughout your hard time. Installed with Super illuminator LED light and afterglow, it makes readability more accurate to help you withstand anywhere.

Moreover, it has GPS signal reception that can be both auto and manual received. In addition to this Auto time adjustment, the G-Shock Bruce Lee model has World Time for more than 300 cities.

MR-G can also be connected to smartphones with Bluetooth connectivity that helps you keep a track of all data. The connectivity displays important information about the watch status. Solar charge level and other information is displayed graphically.

A multi-tasking watch that works smart and looks extremely promising is the best combo ever!

With dual-layer hardening and Sallaz polishing the outlook of this Casio G-Shock model looks extremely classy. It provides a clear scratch resistant view due to the Sapphire Crystal with non-reflective coating in the inside. Much clearer to enhance readability when you are in areas with harsh environment and temperature.

Hence, it’s much clear from the above-provided model specifications that this model is a tough companion to take along.

Casio G-Shock Accessories

if you are willing to buy gshock accessories click on the below images

G-Shock MR-G G2000 Bruce Lee

The exquisite limited-edition watch was constructed to commemorate the spirit, toughness and efforts the father of Martial Arts has put into develop himself as one of the finest and most remembered artists worldwide.

Totally doing justice with its name, the G-Shock MR-G G2000 Bruce Lee comes in a traditional yellow and black colors tones, inspired by the track suit color Bruce Lee wore in his last movie ‘Game of Death’. The dura soft band makes it comfortable to wear for longer time periods and the titanium case makes it durable and tough while being lightweight.

The bezel back cover is engraved with 12 inspiring Chinese characters saying “USING NO WAY AS WAY. HAVING NO LIMITATIONS AS LIMITATIONS”

One inspiring quote that changed many lives.

Bruce lee’s wise words and efforts have been clearly depicted through the incredible design and construction of Casio G-Shock Bruce Lee model. The timepiece is a totally Bruce Lee inspired design as the color, the features and the Contruction speaks it all.

Casio has once again proven themselves as one of the most innovative and trendy watch-makers that know how, when and what to make to win thousand hearts with their distinctive and outstanding designs.

Definitely the G-Shock limited Bruce Lee is a rare timepiece everyone would want to have on their wrists.

The G-Shock Casio Bruce Lee price was set around $4000 at the time of launch. Might sound a little higher but for such timepiece that honors our greatest artist and is specially designed to meet his efforts and skills, this set price justifies the design.

You can also find the Bruce lee G-Shock on E-bay with a little higher price as being limited in edition; this watch has been much in demand.

Go try you luck and find the classic timepiece for yourself as it not the to miss out!

G-Shock bruce lee

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