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Casio G-Shock AW-500 Revival First Analog-Digital Watch.

With its remarkable understanding of producing gadgets that are not only distinguish in looks but also installed with tremendous outstanding features, Casio has always set new standards.

Talking about some sensible gadgets here and we cannot deny the fact that the Casio G-SHOCK AW-500 Series is definitely one of the best and useful watches one could ever have.

Recently another similar series was introduced but with a different construction and approach. Both series share the same basic combination but stand different in identification and features.

Being the first analog/digital watch combination in 1989, the AW-500 series has been one of the toughest and most advanced in the G-Shock collection. The series has yet made a comeback in November 2020 with a new tough design and construction.

Holding the basic specifications of a stop watch and alarm watch, the Casio G-SHOCK AW-500 series is introduced in two different solo color range. The colors are chosen to match the need of common person and also fills their desire in a very stylish manner.

Like the earlier Casio G-SHOCK AWM-500 Series, Casio G-SHOCK AW-500 Uni sex watch stands on its toughness as it is constructed with solid durable material that has the capacity to make it work efficiently for long-term use. Though the Band and bezel is made out of resin material but it stays strong and works long with providing wrist comfort for longer hours.

Despite the fact that the Casio G-SHOCK AW-500 Analog Digital watch series hold functions that are not similar to the earlier series, but it has a strong visual impact on its wearers as the bold construction and solid color output makes it one of the good-to-go with accessories.

Impactful design with tough construction makes Casio G-SHOCK AW-500 series something


Now that’s what you can a black-out!

A complete finished and smart piece with so minimal technique but it definitely hits you hard once you see it. With a traditional round dial and broad design this timepiece builds its own charm.

Who wouldn’t want a watch that seems so perfect, fits every outfit and environment and includes all the basic features that you daily need?

The model Casio G-SHOCK AW-500BB-1EJF is no doubt a stunning masterpiece from Casio G-SHOCK AW-500 series.

Casio G-Shock AW-500

Casio G-SHOCK AW-500E-1E

But what if your mood is to have a bit of both the shades into one timepiece?

Seems like your wish is their command as Casio G-SHOCK AW-500 series has got a model that has both the shades of red as highlights and markers and the black as the basic body construction.

A very playful and smart blend of shades that makes the model Casio G-SHOCK AW-500E-1E very aesthetically pleasing and creative.

For the series, Casio G-SHOCK AW-500 the Price range is set around $142.

You might be thinking about the price variations for different models in this series but they are all set around the same range.

That is one amazing thing because you can also find online discounts on purchasing the series. Afterall, who wouldn’t want to have them all?

Talking about the features for the Casio G-SHOCK AW-500 Analog Digital watch, we see much variations from the earlier series. This does not include the multi-band 6 function but still have impact resistant construction.

More addition to the Casio G-SHOCK AW-500 series features is its long-term battery life that makes it work efficiently for longer time without any hustle of changing or charging the battery.

To know more about what difference does the Casio G-SHOCK AW-500 Series have continue scrolling.

And also get to know if the series is able to handle tough conditions or not?

Casio G-Shock AW-500

Casio G-SHOCK AW-500BB-4E

Well, well.

Speaking of shining out with perfection and here is your companion to support you.

The model Casio G-SHOCK AW-500BB-4E is introduced for all the pop-lovers out there as the red color speaks of your boldness in a very stylish way.

Using only the shades of red to highlight the small details in this timepiece, Casio G-SHOCK AW-500 Series has outdone perfection in shades

Casio G-shock AW-500

Key Features:

· Inorganic glass

· Neobrite

· Dual time options

· Stopwatch (1/100 seconds (0’00 “00-59’59” 99), 1 second (1: 00’00”-23: 59’59”), 24-hour total)

· Time alarm function

· Fully automatic calendar

· 12/24-hour system display switching

· EL backlight with afterglow function

      • Dual resistance
      • Enhanced Readability
      • Long-term battery life
      • Limited function set


      Though the series has limited set of functions but it’s still very useful for daily life work and suits best for routine outfits because of the solo color shades and bold design outlook.

      G-Shock collection has always set standards for the performance of its gadget and stand tough on resistance, durability and efficiency in rough conditions and so does the Casio G-SHOCK AW-500 series.

      Providing a very rare feature of such a long-term battery life adds to the efficiency of this gadget as it feels very comfortable to have a device that can work long without any replacements

      So, it does really cut out the hustle.

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