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Casio G-Lide GBX-100NX Series Review 2021

Let’s introduce you to the best 2021 released GBX-100 series which is announced by the Japanese media that Casio G-Lide GBX-100NX series two new models will in the market this spring. This series consists of two new models Casio G-Lide GBX-100NX-1 and Casio G-Lide GBX-100NX-4 which we will discuss in detail just hold on tight.

Casio G-Lide series is supported by world top surfers because they’re supported by the features which are best for sea leisure but what are those features which we went discuss down in key features of Casio G-Lide GBX-100NX series.

GBX-100NX stylish new models come with the price tag of ¥26,400 which makes 238 USD and are released this April 2021.

Design & Technology

Casio G-Lide GBX-100NX series comes in a square shape with curved corners which is built with the collaboration of the world’s top suffers company. G-Lide GBX-100NX series uses the impact-resistant material that prevents it from high pressure during fall or hit. The gadget total weight 66g that don’t brothered you when worn on the wrists with the case size of 50MM.

Casio G-Lide GBX-100NX series uses stainless for the bezel and resin band. You can set tide information and sunrise/ sunset times. This allows you to grasp the current situation at a glance and supports surfers from hand in combination with the training measurement function.

For the band, we adopted a soft urethane band with a slit at the base at 6 o’clock for fit, water, and sweat escape to pursue comfort.

Casio G-Shock GBX-100NS-1JF

GBX-100NS-1JF comes in resin band and stainless bezel in silver color.

Casio G-Lide GBX-100NX Series
Casio G-Lide GBX-100NX Series

Casio G-Shock CGBX-100NS-4JF

GBX-100NS-4JF comes in brownish stainless bezel and black resin band.

Casio G-Lide GBX-100NX Series
Casio G-Lide GBX-100NX Series

Key Features

● Training function that Calculates and displays distance, speed, pace, etc. by
● Set tide information and sunrise/sunset times on the watch side from about 3,300
locations around the world within the dedicated app.
● Smartphone link function.
● 4-time alarms (with snooze function) and a Fully automatic calendar.

● Moon data (moon age/moon shape display).
● High-definition MIP LCD gives you a more visible display.
● Settings can be made on a smartphone.

  • Great sea leisure
  • Easy to see in the dark
  • 20 bar water resistance


    After a detailed analysis of the Casio G-Lide GBX-100NX series and reading customer reviews, we think this gadget is best for this summer. In this instant heat and summer, most people prefer to spend time on the beach and to enjoy their vacations. Keeping these things in mind Casio G-shock decided to release this series at the end of April.
    Casio G-Lide GBX-100NX gives tide information that tells the best time of skydiving because you better understand the high and low sea waves.

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