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Casio Edifice Nismo Limited Edition EQS-930NIS

The design of the Casio EDIFICE EQS-930NIS was influenced by the NISMO works team. This new model continues their objective of capturing world-class racing via accuracy and speed, which has allowed them to participate at Super GT500, which is one category above Formula One! The special edition was intended for people who seek an ultra-luxury watch that also represents their commitment to greatness on and off the track.

 Any Nissan lover should own the EDIFICE EQS-930NIS watch, which is sleek and refined. The “NISMO” insignia is etched on the bezel, band loop, and case back, making this timepiece even more unique than before! If your love interest is an exceptional Super GT driver, you may find them in 23 minutes or less.

The red accents of the EDIFICE EQS-930NIS dial are composed of actual carbon fiber. The front has an inset design, as well as buttons and bezels in this NISMO hue, which replicates the color gradation seen on their road vehicles when hot titanium components are installed. The urethane band has been specifically treated to resemble a worn-out tire after racing, allowing fans to experience NISMO’s excitement directly on their wrists.


Casio Edifice Nismo Limited Edition EQS-930NIS

Special Packing of Casio Edifice EQS-930NIS

In the team colors of red and black, the twin titles NISMO and EDIFICE adorn the box.

Water Resistance 100 meters
Stopwatch Measuring unit: 1 second; measuring capacity: 9’59”; measuring modes: elapsed time, split time, 1st and 2nd place times
Other Functions Date display, battery level indicator
Accuracy at Normal Temperature ±20 seconds per month
Power Source Solar-charging system
Continuous Operation About 5 months (from full charge until hands stop)
Size of Case 52.0 × 47.5 × 12.3 mm
Total Weight Approx. 98g

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