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Best Ticwatch E3 Review 2021

Tech company Mobvoi’s new smartwatch has grabbed the attention of people. Ticwatch E3 has got some fantastic features. If you are impressed by ticwatch pro 3 but found it out of your budget, then you can buy this watch you save up to 100 euros if we compare it with ticwatch pro 3 . We can say that it is an affordable alternative to ticwatch pro 3 you can buy Ticwatch E3 for just 199 euros. It includes all the specifications, for example, multiband GNSS, 8 GB of ROM, and the best Qualcomm SoC for wearables. If you have a tight budget but want a smartwatch with all the necessary features which can be helpful in your daily life, then ticwatch E3 is the perfect choice for you. If you are having a decent personality and want your Smartwatch to reflect your personality as well, then the ticwatch e3 is best as it has a very classic yet elegant design that will help you to maintain the grace of your personality perfectly.

Design of Ticwatch E3

Ticwatch e3 has a very smooth display of 1.3 inches. This watch is not suitable for the smaller wrist as the case is a little bit big, 12.6mm in thickness, and diameter is 44mm, which might feel heavy on a small wrist, but if you want to buy a watch with heavy looks, then it will look good as in the end the thing which matter is your choice. The watch is water-resistant, but The body is not made up of metal, just like a Casio g shock watch or any other luxury brand. Instead, it has a polycarbonate frame with a plastic casing underneath, which is relatively cheap if we compare it with a brand like Rolex, Samsung, Apple, etc. It has two buttons on the side instead of a rotating crown. After heavy use, you can get some scratches on the screen because this watch does have gorilla glass which is the main thing to give support to the screen.

Tic E3 Specification
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Ticwatch E3 Specs and features:

Fitness tracking

Ticwatch E3 will help you to count your steps and many other functions as well. If you are an android user, then you can connect the app with Google fit, and if you are an Apple user, then you can connect with Apple health. You can even use Google fit if you are an ios user as the app is available on the app store. Either then, google for Mobvoi has its own health and fitness. You can get access to it by just signing into the app.

Blood Oxygen saturation and Heart health Tracking

This watch is able to measure your blood oxygen saturation and heart health throughout the day. It doesn’t matter if you are active or on rest. The advanced sensors on Ticwatch E3 measure accurate heart health. You can set the limit so the device will send an alert if it notices any changes in your heart rate. In the Ticoxygen app, there is a blood oxygen sensor. To know if you absorb oxygen well, you will need to measure your SPo2, so after some intervals in a day and night, you can turn it on, which will help you to measure your SPo2 level just like the heart rate it will also send you a notification if your oxygen level lows or too high.

Connects you with the loved one :

If you want to know the data mentioned above, like heart rate, step count, or SPo2, then a Ticwatch E3 is best for you. Through it, you can monitor the data of your family or loved one remotely. And you can also share your data with them and continue your fitness journey together.

Voice assistant

By long pressing the top button, you can operate google assistant. And by using the microphones, you can ask your queries, and the answer will appear directly on display, just like Siri.

Notification and calls

All the notifications of your social media account, like telegram and WhatsApp, etc., can be displayed on the mobile even if you are doing some exercise or running. You can attend the call through a smartphone. Still, only if you are an android user. If you are using an iOS device, then you can only accept or reject the call, but you have to use your mobile for talking.

Other apps:

It had many necessary applications like notes, calculators, calendars, and weather information. This new wearOS device will be a fantastic addition to the Mobvoi ticwatch series. Mobvoi has also featured some of its apps. If you want to analyze the surrounding sound, then you can use Tichearing. TicZen will be helpful to monitor your stress, TicBreathe for relaxation and breathing exercise, and sports or workout TicExercise is best to use.

Tic E3 Review
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  • Affordable price
  • Elegant display
  • Voice Assistant
  • Heart rate, SpO2, stress, and sleep monitoring
  • Step counter
  • Best for daily use
  • Large storage up to 8GB
  • Voice assistant
  • Google play
  • Short battery life
  • Old design
Tic E3  Review
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Tic watch E3 Review
Image credit Tech Radar
Tic E3 Price
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Till yet, we have discussed all the features and pros and cons of Ticwatch E3. If you are planning to buy a smartwatch that you can use on a daily basis for going to an office or school, then it’s an excellent choice because the look of this watch is very classy and elegant. Ticwatch E3 has fundamental features which can be helpful in our daily life. If you are a person who loves to be, then you can buy this watch as this watch has got some amazing health and fitness apps. If you want to be on a budget, then it is best for you, but if you want a high-end screen or something stylish, then this watch is not going to be on your bucket list.

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