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Best Moon Phase Watches under 500 Review 2021

This article chooses a moon phase watches under 500 whose design I adore. If you enjoy taking note of the moon as it passes through its eight phases from new to full, a cycle that takes roughly 29.5 days.

This article will walk you through the best 5 moon phase watches under 500 here specs, details, design, pros and cons.

Casio Men’s AQW101-1AVCF Moon Phase Watch

The first to go in our list of moon phase watches under 500 is Casio Men’s AQW101-1 which is the design and= engineered to go beyond just showing timing. This gadget is 46 mm in case diameter that comes in a white bezel and black resin band 9 inch. This moon phase watch under 500 has a compass on its display and 4 buttons on its side that are functioned to switch between different modes.

The Fish Indicator advanced features let you help in fishing and make you hunt more fishes without going home empty hand. This watch features up to 30 time zones (50 cities), city code display and daylight saving on/off.

Key Features :

● Active dial helps to add more dimensional depth to the face shows you the time in digital and analog with two hand markers.

● The fishing mode tells you the specific date and time that are best suitable forfishing.
● The best moon phase watch under 500 displays you the moon (age of input
data, moon phase graph).
● This watch gives a stopwatch feature that detects 1/100 second.

  • 200 M water resistance
  • EL Backlight with afterglow
  • Thermometer
    best moonphase watch under 500

    Frederique Constant Analog Display Swiss Watch

    If you’re looking for a slim and minimalist design moon phase watch under 500, then Frederique constant men’s analog is the right choice you buy. This gadget is a combination of black and white. The case diameter is 40mm in size and width of 10mm making it best for small to medium wrists. The answer about the band is that it uses the best durable leather in black color with making it a high gentrify watch.

    The dial comes in white color in chronograph style with a moon phase at 6 o’clock. This gadget is quite different from traditional watches that show date and day display at 3 o’clock.

    Key Features :

    ● Swiss-quartz movement is one that is powered by a quartz movement, complete
    with electronic circuit board, synthetic quartz crystal and battery.
    ● Chronograph dial that shows day of the week and date of the month.
    ● Time display in roman and numeric.
    ● Moonphase at 6 o’clock with water resistance 50m (165ft).

    • Simple but yet an elegant watch
    • Scratch-resistant Sapphire Crystal
    • Congested date display
    Frederique Constant  Analog Display Swiss Watch

    Longines Master Collection Men’s Watch

    If you’re looking for a watch that looks simple but yet gives a modern look then this timepiece of Longines is right to go. This moon phase watches under 500 cones in chronograph design with a silver dial with a Longines logo at 3 o’clock. Longines master collection gives time display in analog. This gentlemen’s design watch comes in 42mm case silver size making you wear it even if you have a small wrist.

    This brown leather strap watch features a different date and day display, not like traditional watches which show at 3 o’clock. Even if they’re chronograph designs they only give day/date display in analog design but this moon phase watch under 500 gives day/date display also in digital.

    Key Features :

    ● A full moon phase dial at 6 o’clock gives you a better moon age and day display.
    ● Gives you a day and date display in both analog and digital.
    ● Swiss automatic movement timepiece.
    ● Chronograph design watch features 24 hour and second dial.

    • Gives you better moon details
    • Scratch Resistance
    • Swiss Automatic
      Moon Phase watches under 500

      Baume & Mercier Men’s BMMOA10055 Clifton

      Moving back to simplicity in dress watches, this stainless steel moon phase watch under 500 will appeal to those. Baume & Mercier men’s analog watch comes in silver dial with a rose gold-tone hands and numbering for hours. The moon phase watch under 500 has used a divider at each quarter with a line.

      This timepiece comes in a round case of 44mm diameter making it suitable for medium to small wrists. We choose this moon phase watch under 500 gives you a classy touch of the black leather strap and the swiss automatic movement inside the jewel in the crown so to speak. Not much more to be said about this watch.

      Key Features :

      ● Moon phase details at 6 o’clock.
      ● Shows date of day of the week and month of the year.
      ● 43 mm stainless steel case with anti-reflective sapphire dial window.
      ● Automatic movement with a 42 hour power reserve.

      • Sleek and lightweight
      • Water resistance up to 50 Meter
      • Luxury watch style
      • Expensive
      Baume & Mercier Men’s BMMOA10055 Clifton

      Citizen Men’s BZ0016-50E Men’s Watch

      The last to go in our list of moon phase watch under 500 is this timepiece which gets your interest at first appeal. This gadget if a citizen has immense respect for watches lover, it’s an Eco-drive watch which is fueled with light that means you never need a battery. This gadget features a tachy meter on the bezel of a watch and can measure speed based on time traveled over a fixed distance. The allows the conversion of elapsed time, in seconds per unit, to speed in units per hour. The tachy meter scales and measures times from approximately 7 seconds to 60 seconds.

      This watch features a perpetual calendar that is a calendar valid for many years, usually designed to look up the day of the week for a given date in the future.

      Key Features

      ● Features 4 sub-dials for the month of the year, date of the month, and day of the week.
      ● Dual-coated anti-reflective sapphire glass crystal.
      ● Eco-drive is fueled by light, any light, so it never needs a battery.
      ● This watch features a stopwatch.

      • Leap Year Scale
      • Anti-reflective sapphire crystals
      • Water-resistant to 100 meter
      • Small dial compare to features to show
      moon phase watch under 500


      We know you’ll be the best of the best from the list of moon phase watches that are given above and all people’s tastes are different. But we make it easy for you. Casio Men’s AQW101-1AVCF is a solar-powered watch, so you don’t need to change the battery and get full 9 phases to detail the moon. If you want a luxury style watch that
      gives you a gentlemen’s look is Baume & Mercier Men’s BMMOA10055. These moon phase watches under 500 are a constant reminder that we’re all part of something much bigger than ourselves.

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