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Best Casio G-Shock GA-900 Review 2021

G-Shock GA-9000

If you are looking for best watch with durability, style and design then your wait is over. G-Shock GA-900 has been released and is available for everyone to put your hands on this brand new masterpiece. It is one of the most exciting and affordable G shock watches you will ever get and especially in 2020. In this article I will describe the new features, traits and design of latest G Shock addition as a GA-900 2020 review.

Casio G-SHOCK GA-900 has introduced a new heavy-duty model perfect for wear in tough environments and as street fashion. The new 10 sided bezel has cemented the shape and look of this new model as a rugged and tough watch made for industrial workers. The nut like shape and addition of four screws on the front adds to the look and design of GA-900 g shock as a true rough and tough watch. It is a combination of both analog and digital display for timekeeping that attracts more people. The shape, design and color of analog hands add more to the readability and design of this spectacular watch. The surfaces of all buttons and band connection have been made checkered to increase the grip and reduce the chances of slipping etc.

Time Setting In GA-900 G-Shock

The GA 900 watch is quite easy to use and operate. Usually people want to know that how to set time in G Shock GA-900. The watch comes with a manual that can be consulted to learn about various settings including time and date. Moreover, the manual is also available online so the customers can directly seek help by downloading and following the instructions from it.

G-Shock GA-900 Price & Availability

The watch is available in three different colors for G-shock fans to choose their favorite one according to their color choice and taste. The price of GA-900 is $120. For Reference you can visit G-shock official here.

All three colors of GA 900 comes with a color resin band. The heavy industrial look of watch is signified with its color material finish and use of color resin bands to amplified it’s design and beauty.

G-Shock GA-900 Colors Variations

GA-900A-1A9 with yellow resin band.

List price 15,000 JPY in Japan, and $120 in US.

  G-Shock GA-900

GA-900C-1A4JF Black and Orange with cloth band.

Price 16,000 JPY in Japan and $130 in US.

G-Shock GA-900

GA-900E-1A3JR black with interchangeable reflective green band.

Price  19,000 JPY in Japan and $160 in US.

G-Shock GA-900

G-Shock GA-900 Battery Life

Long & Extended Battery life is one of the most important features of GA 900. Enjoy long lasting battery life of up to 7 years on CR2016. Enjoy the extended battery life and companionship with latest G-Shock GA-900 model.

GA-900 Special Features

Following are the specific characteristics of this latest G-shock release. The case and bezel is made up of resin. The technology carbon core guard structure provides ultimate toughness and durability. Use of mineral glass and Resin bands provides longevity in daily use. The watch glows in dark with super led light and afterglow feature to provide ease of use. Water resistance of 200 meter. Also get the G-shock’s trademark Shock resistance feature. Choose from World time of 29 time zones (48 cities + coordinated universal time according to your location. Daylight saving, 5 daily Alarms, Stopwatch and 24 hours countdown timer.

Casio G-Shock Accessories

if you are willing to buy gshock accessories click on the below image

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