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G-Shock DW-5610SU, DW-5610SU-8DR & DW-5601SUS-5DR.

DW-5610SU Series

G-Shock DW-5610SU series launched three models DW-5610SU-3, DW-5610SU-8, DW-5610SUS-5. If we see the feathers of these models have two-piece of bezel layers with different colors. The design concept of these models was to create a lineup of practical and utilitarian colors that go well with street fashions. The color of this model is inspired by military and service color.
If we compare G-shock DW-5600 series to DW-5601 Internal feathers are the same Stopwatch, water resistance, countdown time, alarm only the difference is DW-5600 have single layer bezel material with the same color and DW-5610 is 2nd layer with different colors.

Releasing Date

The DW-5610SU-3, DW-5610SU-8, and DW-5610SUS-5 are released in Asia in February 2020. The DW-5610SU-3ER and DW-5610SU-8ER will be released in Europe.


Black bezel with green case and band



Black bezel with gray case and band.


G-Shock DW-5610SU Street Utility Series


Black bezel with the brown case . This watch includes both black nylon and brown resin.


G-Shock Strap

DW-5610 Strap :

DW-5600 Series strap is similar to GA-2100 Series

DW-5610 Series Prices:

DW-5610SU-3JF  price 12,000 JPY, DW-5610SU-8JF (12,000 JPY), and DW-5610SUS-5JR (16,500 ).


The features includes Shock resistance,Mineral Glass,200 meter water resistance, stopwatch,Electra-luminescent back light,countdown timer, alarm, flash alert, and EL back light with afterglow and also 2 year battery life

How to Set Time In DW-5610SU

For more info Click here

Total Weight

  • Total weight: 52g

G-Shock DW-5610SU Street Utility Series

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