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Best Casio Edifice EQS-920DB Review 2021

Casio Edifice EQS-920DB Review

What’s New In Casio Edifice EQS-920DB.

The edifice series from Casio has already made its mark with its outstanding performance and remarkable intelligence. With the introduction of Casio Edifice EQS-920DB in the edifice group, the series has set new limits in diversity.

There’s so much of what the series hold in it which makes it an outstanding timepiece. But most importantly, its creative construction makes it look amazing

Nonetheless, it is clear that Casio has never disappointed its users and has set a mark in making useful, stylish and compact gadgets that stand up to your requirements.

Any guesses what the article has brought for you?

The Edifice EQS-920DB Review has every inch of details about the solid and distinctive series that you must know.

Follow on to get to know more of it.

This classic edifice series is installed with solar powered chronograph which means that you can charge the battery anywhere you want through solar energy in case the battery gets low. The smart gadget has a battery level indicator which keeps you updated about the battery condition and charging so that you can continue using your timepiece without any break.

This feature extends the durability of your gadget as well as provide you comfort so that you can move wherever you want without worrying much about the gadgets you carry along.

 Moreover, to make the watch more durable the timepiece is designed to work in harsh environment and water too. With capability of 100-meter water resistance, the watch is suitable to wear in water too.

Yes, you can wear it while carrying out leisure activities.

What an ease!

Casio Edifice EQS-920DB Specification

Not to forget that the Edifice EQS-920DB Specification see no bound as it also has a stop watch and date display that makes it easier to keep your records and stay updated.

The date display is definitely one reminder we need on our wrists in this fast-speed era where we usually forget the minor details while accomplishing our daily needs.

What else could you expect from Casio that always keep the minor details in order to bring out the best for you. And every time it deigns a timepiece, it holds the unusual details to make out more useful for you.

Talking about the features of Casio Edifice EQS-920DB it is vital to mention that the watch has a regular timekeeping option with Analog 3 hands (hour, minute, second) along with 3 dials (24-hour, stopwatch minutes, stopwatch seconds).

The battery works best when fully charged as to support the extended features of this series. However, the battery stands good on a full charge for up to 5 months same as other G-Shock Watches

The timepiece looks as amazing as it works.

Constructed with a stainless steel bezel material and a stainless steel band gives this watch a promising look. The broad dialer against the steel band is constructed with simplicity but has an outstanding outlook that every edifice series is known for. The series also has a one-touch 3-fold clasp and a Screw lock back that makes it more user friendly.

Nothing can surely beat the diversity Casio comes with and always leave the wearers stunned with the outclass gadgets. With this series too, Casio has made it possible to install little details in a minimal look that makes the series an amazing one.

Edifice EQS-920DB Colors Variations

Keeping in mind the different demands of wearers, Edifice EQS-920DB Colors Variations are set to meet your requirements in the best way.

With 3 different color combinations, this edifice series is best to compensate your daily look and make it more perfect. The simplicity this series hold is good-to-go with your daily routine not making it odd.

Below are the three color tones the series provides you so that you can choose your favorite one that goes best with your attire.

Edifice EQS-920DB -1BVUDF

To mention first, the model Edifice EQS-920DB -1bVUDF is a combination of black matte and silver color with blue highlights. Specially designed to make its outlook more promising and stylish while maintaining the simplicity.

The Edifice EQS-920DB -1bVUDF Price is set around $129. An affordable price range set so that everyone can easily get their hands on this amazing model.

The model is best suitable to carry along your daily outlook as it suits with every color.Not only does the look compensate your style but the smart features make it a compact gadget that you can carry along with you with much ease.

The body construction is designed to provide comfortability to wearer if you carry for longer time hours.

So many things in this reasonable price is definitely worth having.

Edifice EQS-920DB -1AVUDF

You can also get the same design with a touch or red this time as the model Edifice EQS-920DB -1AVUDF is available with a broad black dialer and red highlights along with a silver stainless steel band.

Isn’t that an amazing combination?

Red usually makes thing outstand but in this model, the pinch use of red has clearly made the design stand out. But above all, it looks super-amazing and sleek.

The model Edifice EQS-920DB -1AVUDF Price starts from $126 but you may find price variations on different platforms.

 Edifice EQS-920DB -1AVUDF

Edifice EQS-920DB -2AVUDF

Finally, the last one from this series that comes with a little twist as it has a genuine leather band instead of the stainless steel one.

The band definitely changed the outlook of the model, Edifice EQS-920DB -2AVUDF, giving it a more casual look. Still perfect to join you on your daily routes.

Blue leather band against silver and blue bezel and dial color is no doubt a perfect combination that everyone would want to have.

You can also find this exclusive timepiece in online stores as well for a list price of $156.

How did you find this edifice series from Casio?

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