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Apple Watch Series 7 Releasing Date, Price, Design and Specification

It’s good news for all the Apple fans that the Apple watch series 7 is on the way, and it is soon going to be launched throughout the world. By recent rumor’s, it is confirmed that this series is going to have a different design, specs and maybe it is going to be an upgraded version. It’s been almost six years since Apple has introduced their first watch, till yet we have many changes and more powerful sensors. But from the past couple of years, the new model of the watch was not so upgraded and was very similar to the previous one. But this time, the game is going to change as Apple watch series 7 contains many different features and designs which will attract the customer. Apple smartwatches are always popular among people because of their market value. This luxury brand is considered a reflection of your status, and many brand-conscious people even buy these things at a very high price because they know their worth. They believe that this investment is not going to be wasted because the market value of IOS products is never down even if we talk about smartphones, smartwatches or any other thing. So let’s discuss more about the feature, design, and releasing date in detail.

Apple watch series 7 design

Many of us had money hopes for a significant change in series 6, but series 6 didn’t bring any substantial and mesmerizing design which we were looking for. But back in September, Ming-Chi Kuo, an industrial analyst, predicted that the significant form factor design change” to the Apple Watchis coming very soon, maybe at the second of 2021. It is very much possible that the upcoming series would have flatter edges, and it is also possible that this time Apple is going to launch a round face design. You must be wondering about how it is possible, but yes apple company has considered this design, but it is confirmed that the watch series will have a round face or not. Another expectation is an edge-to-edge screen and flexible screen. Let’s see what is going to be the outcome as we have heard different from everyone, so it is cleared that the original look of the watch has not been declared till now.

Release date and price:

Apple watch series 7 is expected to come out in August or in September. If we look into the history, then Most likely, it is going to be launched in September 2021. Because September seems like the lucky or most favorite month of Apple company by cause the last successful models had also launched in the same month apple watch series 3 was launched on 22 Sep 2017, Apple watch series four on 21 September 201&, Apple watch series 5 on 20 September 2019 and apple watch series 6 was out on 18 September 2020. So you should expect the Apple watch series 7 will be released most probably in mid-September. This watch is most likely going to be announced with iPhone 13. It’s just a rumor we are looking forward to if the news is authentic or fake. And the price of the Apple watch series 7 is going to be around 399 dollars or maybe  more than that.


Health and fitness

Health and fitness have been the priority of many big luxury brands for some years. Apple watch series 6 had the feature of blood oxygen monitoring. Still, it was not approved by the FDA, so we are expecting this feature with FDA approval so we can have accurate blood oxygen measurements. Currently, Apple is continuously working on heart rate measurement and blood pressure monitoring. It is also heard that they are planning to add a blood sugar monitoring feature just like the Samsung galaxy watch 4. Surely there is going to be a great upgrade in the Apple watch series 7.

Touch id fingerprint recognition and upgrade display

We have heard from several rumors that the Apple Watch Series 7 is going to have a touch-id fingerprint scanner. It has also come on the surface that Apple is going to replace the OLED display with a micro-LED panel or mini-LED. It will be helpful to save the battery as the display will be thinner and offer better energy efficiency. This time Apple has been working with Taiwanese display manufacturers for the new panel of their fantastic series.

WatchOS 8

On 7 June 2021, Apple announced WatchOS 8 at WWDC. WatchOS 8 has many new features like a portrait app, a mindfulness app, and digital key, etc. This software will provide an update on photos,  messaging, an app that helps you to keep fit, assistive touch, Siri, and some new and amazing apple wallet features.

  • WatchOS 8
  • Water-Resistant
  • Music and another app
  • Photos
  • Receive calls and messages
  • Siri
  • Long battery life
  • Assistive touch
  • Digital key
  • Mindfulness app
  • Portrait app
  • Expensive


This watch is soon going to be launched by the side of iPhone 13, maybe in August I mid, or September. Apple is going to introduce many upgrade features this time, and if the battery life is improved, it can give tough competition to the Samsung galaxy watch. Apple is considered one of the best luxury brands, and this time Apple watch series 7 is going to be a game-changer. We will upload a confirmed update more about this watch very soon

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